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Ping Customer Service: A++

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Last year I bought a new Ping G20 3-wood with stiff shaft after demoing one and having terrific results with it.  Although I liked my Titleist D905T, I couldn't help but wonder if a matching G20 Driver wouldn't be even better.  Late winter I started looking at a G20 driver but they were still at full original retail price (Ping does not allow their dealers to discount) and I could not justify spending $500 on two golf clubs in less than a year, so I looked on eBay and ended up winning an auction for a bit more than 1/3 of the MSRP on a used G20 driver.  The club hit great the two times I took it out onto the range, 10-15 yards longer and about 10-15 yards closer to center than my old D905T and I got a few good drives with it my several round I played with it (but was hitting all my clubs very poorly).  I got a Ping Half Wack-E putter for a Father's Day present and it's the best putter I've tried in over a decade.  The third time I was going to play with my new/used G20 driver, very first ball on the range before the round,  I hear a duller "clunk" sound and the drive did not go very far.  I looked down at the clubface and saw a big crack across the top; I couldn't even blame old rock-like range balls, as these were brand new balls they just started using this season.  I figured I had flushed $130 w/S&H, down the toilet, especially since it was past the 45 day dispute period with Paypal/eBay and I had already had some issues with the seller delaying shipping the club to me and then lying about when he shipped, so I knew no refund would be forthcoming from the seller.


I called up Ping's customer service, was very candid with them about having bought the club used on eBay, and asked about how much it would cost to repair.  The CSR told me to send it in and if the club was defective, they would replace it, free of charge.  I sought confirmation that there would be no charge even though I bought it used, and he responded "If we made a defective club, we will replace it for you." 


Yesterday I got a confirmation e-mail from their club repair manager that they were replacing it without charge to me and were shipping that day.  30 minutes ago my doorbell rang and there was my brand new G20 driver, complete with new headcover even, on my doorstep - they had Fed-Exed the replacement club to me overnight.  Wow.  Talk about terrific service.


A co-worker of mine had an old set of Ping irons that had some issue with the finish on them and when he called Ping CS, they told him to ship them in for them to look at the clubs.  A week or so later, they sent the clubs back to him, completely refurbished to like-new condition, free of charge.


I tend to be a more critical than average person, but I think I'm also pretty fair, too (I've called managers over at restaurants 3x in the past year to compliment an excellent server) and I have to say that Ping's customer service is exemplary.  I'm seldom a fan of buying premium-priced products for items that cost much more than, say, beer unless they are discounted, but in this case, Ping's first-tier pricing is commensurate with their reputation and outstanding service.   I'm pretty happy with my Nike irons, but when the time comes to replace them, Pings will be the first clubs on my list to try and if they're an improvement, I'll probably just buy them without bothering with any other brand.   My hat is off to Ping customer service.




Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation of any sort with Ping.  I'm just a very, very pleased Ping club owner.

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Wow thats really cool of them to take care of you like that. Its nice Ping stands behind their products.

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Stories like this circulating on sites like this are no doubt well worth the price of the driver replacement to Ping. Kudos to Ping for first class service. Kudos to you for passing on the story.
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