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Deciding new irons!

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I have been playing for about two months so a beginner, I have a fairly solid and consistent swing too. It's nearing my birthday so I have been looking at a new set of irons to buy in the £250 category (I think this is about $300).


I know many recommendations will come back to buy used but I would prefer to buy new. Two sets have really drawn my attention, Nike Victory Red (Cavities) and Cleveland Tour Action 7.


Any input would be good whether it be reviews of the above clubs or any other suggestions :)

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Get fitted. No matter what clubs you buy, make sure they fit you body size and desired swing. Club fit matter more than club type.

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Like stated above. GET FITTED. I"m currenlty in the same boat as you and so I'm planning on my trip to the local PGA SuperStore to get fitted for some new Irons.
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Yeah after reading countless posts similar to mine I gathered that at least :p my local club do free Titleist fittings with no obligation to buy so as soon as my (favourite) pro is better I'll be booking one ASAP.


Still, as a beginner with a solid swing, should I look at SGI clubs or shall I hone my game with less forgiveness?

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As a beginner, get forgiveness.
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Okay. Thanks for the replies.

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I'm also a beginner, but after I got fitted by Ping, it is soooooooo much easier to hit the ball consistently than with the incorrect clubs. I also highly recommend getting SGI or at least GI irons. You will need the forgiveness. Hell, my boss is a scratch golfer playing the most difficult courses here in Phoenix-Scottsdale and he plays Ping G15s. You don't need blades to be good, but it's hard to be good with blades. Good luck!
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