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I have to get to the range and work out the problems I'm having with my driver and woods. The entire gamut of pushes, pulls, hooks, draws, straight down the middle (no curve) and the occasional fade and slice.


The pulls and hooks I believe are simply sequence issues - opening up my hips and shoulders too soon and maybe even moving my front foot. The pushes I believe are an alignment issue at setup. The "corrections"  I make in setup after a bad tee shot -  like very slightly opening or closing the club face seems to have too much impact on ball flight. That tells me my path is varying, so multiple issues going on.


This is actually one part of the game I'm starting to enjoy ("enjoy" may be too strong a word) - the challenge of diagnosing a problem and then trying to find a solution that will stick.


On a side note, I really need to take putting lessons. I've been putting (no pun) that off  for way too long now and the three putts are killing my scores.

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I decided the round this past Sunday seemed as good a time as any for a change to my Driver and 3W swings.



Instead of adjusting the face to compensate for the path (which I had been doing), I decided to start with the club face and my feet aligned to the target line and adjust my path as needed. At first the results were a predictable fade/slice but by making some slight adjustments to the swing path, the shots began to start straight and stay straight. I only hit one hook but it stayed inbounds. Every driver shot was either in the fairway or not too far in the rough. While my distances seemed a bit less, after a while I was able to swing faster with less fear of out-of-bounds results. Still a work in progress.


Fairway clubs:

3W off the deck (no tee shots but same changes as on my driver) - surprisingly straight flight.

5W off the tee and deck - nothing new, fairly straight flight.


Irons: I have to remember to keep my hands ahead at impact. I might be getting lazy on the weight forward without realizing it.

Short irons were terrible on Sunday but I think I have them back under control - pretty sure I was losing lag. Mid to long irons not bad but still not quite as good as they had been. 


I can hit everything as crisp as can be for a while and then temporarily lose it. I'm pretty sure the issues stem from a failure to achieve key #3. Whatever the cause, pure shots are not as automatic as the had been the previous few months.

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