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Originally Posted by Hacker James View Post

I may have missed it, but is the amount you paid less than retail?  and if you did in fact pay less, may we further  assume you are disappointed that it did not include the cover?


If you got a good enough deal, I am sure you could easily purchase a cover also at a discounted price.  To me, there is no problem and I would not have even taken the time to bring it into discussion since you have already made up your mind. I do understand your frustration in that you did not receive what your expectations were, but from what you reported, there was no misrepresentation at all.  I purchased an RBZ 3 wood from the pro shop. I had to ask for a cover. The first sales person did not know if it came with it or not, he then inquired from the manager who reached into a drawer and pulled out a head cover which had a tag with rotatable #'s in that you could twist it to show x.3.4.5 or 7.  (don't know why they skipped 2 and 6 if there even are any such animals).  as for "tour designs"  who cares?  if it fits, looks good, and suits it purpose.  Its a head cover for Petes sake. 


In any event, "venting" is good for the soul  (sometimes).


I think the msrp on the putter is $299.99, however this putter is hard to find retail as it seems that Odyssey does not make it anymore.  In searching for the putter I was not able to find very many new ones at all so I'm not sure what the retail value of the putter is/was.  I paid $229.99 plus $16.99 s/h. 

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Originally Posted by bjwestner View Post

I agree and am satisfied with the response from the seller and how things worked out. I ended up giving the seller positive feedback.  I was incorrect in my assumption when I purchased the item.  Lesson learned.  Thanks for your advice/suggestions.

You did the right thing by leaving positive feedback.  And maybe it would be smart as mentioned above to have a generic headcover on it.


And of course, now you know to ask every last question before buying online z5_smartass.gif

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I'm glad you took the input of everyone here and recognized that while both parties could have done more to be clearer, the majority of the assumption and thus the bigger part of the blame was with you, and that you left a positive feedback.


Kudos. That's good of you. A lot of people would just say "peh, they're all wrong" and failed to look at their own actions to see if perhaps they were wrong with their initial thoughts.

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Nice to see that this came to a good end. I'm sure you can find the head cover if you want it. You may even try calling Callaway/Odyssey and see i they can sell you one.


On a side note; didn't you just get a Circle T... man you are a putter ho.

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yes and I purchased the #1 wide before I got the DDL.  I just started a thread on the DDL am giddy just thinking about putting it in the bag tomorrow.  I know I have commitment problems, it is something that I am dealing with.  Although if not for said commitment problems then I'd be married and thus would not be able to play as much golf as I do.  After thinking about it for a few seconds I'll keep the commitment problems as long as my hc continues to improve......

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