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Callaway Hex Chrome +

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So yesterday I decided to do a little ball testing and tried out the Callaway Hex Chrome+ for a round.  Honestly, loved the ball.  Certainly seemed to gain a little distance with both driver and irons, and loved the way it checked on the green with approach shots.


However....something strange.  I actually cut a ball (cover).  Haven't seen that since the old balata days.  And no, it wasn't due to a massive slice or anything like that...it was just strange. I mean modern day balls you can bang off trees, cart paths, houses, etc and while it may get scuffed quite a bit I haven't seen one cut in years.  


I've played Callaway balls in the past and the covers (for me) have always been the issue.  Before it was more the paint chipping off or something, but this?  New to me.  Anyone else had a similar experience or was this a fluke incident?

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Lawn Mower?

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Originally Posted by rustyredcab View Post

Lawn Mower?

LOL....no. Brand new ball I pulled out of the sleeve on the 1st tee and I took it out of play on the 10th hole when I looked more closely at it. I had seen the mark earlier but thought it was just "wedge scuff". Upon closer examination it was definitely cut. I was just curious if anyone else had experienced cover issues with these. Played the second ball the rest of the round and didn't see any problems with that one; maybe it was a fluke.
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I play the Hex Diablo from time to time and haven't noticed anything like that. I do agree with how well the ball checks up on the greens, though. Callaway may be on to something with that hex design after all

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Haven't played the Hex Chrome+ yet but have been gaming the Hex Chrome for the past year or so.   I believe they have basically the same "duraspin" urethane cover on them.  I have found them to be very durable (and I have managed to find the carth path a few times! LOL).    I suspect this was an anamoly rather than the norm.

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Played yesterday and two of my playing partners each found hex chrome on the course.  Not sure it if was the hex chrome +.


Both balls looked almost new and had no issues when they started playing them.  About a hole later, each ball had a slash in them.  Once again.. this was just a random sampling from golf balls found on the course.. but we weren't impressed with the durability.

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I guess I either loose balls too quickly to cut them or I have such a slow swing they will not cut, or I have been lucky in the boxes I have bought. I good at loosing a ball or two each round. Lord knows I have hit them hard and thin often enough. I've never seen anything close to a smile or cut on these balls. Cart-path rash is about the same as any ball.

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I've used the HEX Chrome since they came out -- about 10 months ago - NO ISSUES WITH CUTTING.


They get scraped but no cuts. You do know that you don't play golf with knives and axes, right?

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Originally Posted by Mr. Desmond View Post

I've used the HEX Chrome since they came out -- about 10 months ago - NO ISSUES WITH CUTTING.


They get scraped but no cuts. You do know that you don't play golf with knives and axes, right?



Well now you tell me.  Here I made it to a single digit handicap playing with a Japanese Samurai sword.  a2_wink.gif


I should update however: I've continued to use the Hex Chrome+ exclusively and have not had any other issues with the cover.  Not even the old paint flaking I had with previous Callaway balls.  Must have been a fluke or it hit something that I was unaware of.  Top notch ball IMHO.

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I have played Callaway balls exclusively for 2 years now, The Diablo HX Tours... and now more recently the Chrome + and I have never had one "slice" on me. I have hit trees, cart paths and a cart and nothing more than scuff on the ball.

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Found one yesterday and hit that sucker all day playing 26 holes with it and it held up well.  Would have play with it again this morning but been trying out these Bridgestone Lady Precept balls and wow for me a hi handicapper the low spin and high compression has helped my game alot.  I finally broke 100 and it felt great, i barely sliced any balls and the soft felling of these gave me more confidence.  Sure its a ladies pink ball but i will continue to use this pinky since it works for me.    Someday I will cut my handicap to under 10 and thats when i may change to a tour ball, for now pinks and e6's for my game.

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The cut might have been from a sharp rock or something.  Many of the old roads around here had oyster shells in the road material.  Some of the soil fill material on older golf courses still can have some shells in it. They can be pretty sharp. 

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I used my hex chrome + for the first time this weekend in difficult windy/rainy conditions, but thought they were superb! Added distance to my game and I hit some very good iron shots with them.


Tested them out on the chipping green before and they produce so much more spin than my Bridgestone E6's. Saw some divots on the greens that showed a large bit of backspin on some short iron shots, which was pleasing.


Overall really pleased and worth the money. £28 a box in the UK

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