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Trouble scoring low all of a sudden?

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Okay guys I'm around a 14-15 handicap right now, incoming sophomore on the JV team. Lately I just haven't been shooting those 84-86 that I usuall shoot. Been scoring 88-93. However it's not that my swing is off, shortgame isn't horrible ethier. I go to my swig. Coach and we've been working on my swing and there isn't a major problem. I just can't seem to score well anymore. There's that one shot every hole that screws me up, whether it be a flub chip, or a hook. But it's a mistake I never or rarely see out on the range.. Is this nerves? Or is it that I'm not playing on the course enough? I play one 18 hole a week and go to the range 3-4 times a week. I'm pretty sure this is more psychological however ill list my main mis hits anyways. Snap hook on a really bad shot, too much of a draw on a bad shot. Normal push draw ball flight. Or thin hooks. Any help WILL be appreciated, cheers all
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Looks to me that you should spend less time out on the range and more time out on the course.
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Have a consistent pre-shot routine? Swing thought? 


If your swing isn't the issue as your claiming, it could be a mental issue. You should have the utmost confidence in your swing so that when you stand over the ball on the course, all you're focusing on is results. This is where the pre-shot routine and consistent swing thought helps as well. It's just another swing once you're standing over the ball. You've hit it hundreds of times and you know you can hit it. 


For instance, my swing thought is "smooth swing." No matter what I'm doing. Hitting a draw, fade, pitch, chip, putt - same swing thought for all of them. "Smooth swing." 


Then again, because I don't know you and haven't seen you swing, I could be way off the mark here. 

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Yes thanks a bunch, now that I'm thinking about it i do have alot going through my mins, it's gonna be bad but this is why I need help.
Pre Shout Routine: 2 practice swings, next to the ball or behind it, it's different, usually only one swing if rushed,
Swing thought whatever I'm trying to work on whether its head down dont sway etc.
After reading yours I think I realized how clustered up my mind is. Again I'm not saying my swig is perfect, but like 95% of the time I don't hit a shank or far shot on the range from the grass tees. But it happens alot more on the course. So it's obviously not my swin entirely since I can hit it solid at the range. Any ideas of a solid swing thought and swing routine would be appreciated
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Originally Posted by tmac20 View Post

Looks to me that you should spend less time out on the range and more time out on the course.
yea I've been told that alot recently and that's why I brought it up. They say your swing is different on the course etc. ill try to make an effort to play more i am traveling to LA today from SF and I'm playing 1 round on Thursday 5:30 AM and one Friday 7:30 am, ill let you guys know how it goes!
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Your pre-shot routine and swing thought needs to be what is best for you. I don't think you spend too much time of the range. A lot of Korean golfers learn the game indoors hitting off mats into nets. You would probably benefit from treating each shot on the range like its out on the course. Step back, pick a target, and go through your routine. Too many golfers just stand there in one spot and hit balls over and over for no reason. Of course you can hit the ball well when you do that. It's a lot easier to get into a repeatable swing when you hit a ball every 15-20 seconds. But on the course, you can go for lengthy time periods between shots, so practicing that way doesn't help. 


For example, take the local 9 hole course that I walk frequently. I hit driver off the first tee, but don't hit it again until the 4th tee. That's a long time between swings. So I need to be able to stand on the tee box and go into a routine so I can try and repeat the process as close as possible each time. 

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So where's the best way to establish a routine? Also I feel more comfortable going 2 practice swings but if I'm feeling rushed it gets harder, but what is the best way to find that "comfortable" routine and swing thought?
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I did pick up a book all on the mind of golf since I'm on a 7 hour car drive. Basically they were saying all your thoughts on the course "color" your mind. Bright colors with positive thoughts and the opposite for negative thoughts. However the goal is to keep your kind almost colorless and keep a few thoughts in there. I think when I'm on the course I need to think less about my swing and more about what type of shot I'm hitting and
How I'm going to execute it
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Practice. Do what feels natural and comfortable. Then make a point to do it every time. If 2 practice swings makes you feel confident, take 2 swings. It's that simple. I'm not sure why you're feeling rushed. Think of Ernie Els and his shuffle as he settles his weight. Or Matt Kuchar and how he hovers over the ball before taking it back. Or Jason Dufner and his waggles. Some guys have a forward press with their hands that acts as their trigger. 


And your swing thought could be anything that gives you a certain image or feeling. Smooth Swing for me makes me think of tempo. There are an infinite amount of possibilities.

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Well, the home course I'm at always has a few holes that slow play down, and it's just slow and sometimes for the dumbest of reasons.... Like a group dropped out behind us we were foursome and the group behind the dropouts were a 2some and they caught up, we weren't slow. And the Marshall gets pissed. It's just sometimes it throws me off but ill try to get a good routine going thanks for all the help
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