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Back into golf after about 2 yrs. .... Looking for a 220 yds. club.

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I've been an iron player most of my golfing years, was playing blades mostly, still have my old Wilson Fuid Feel, but I am playing with a set (3-SW) Ping ISI now. No problem with the 3 iron, but not as long as it was in the old days, 3 iron is about 200 yds now.

I recently added a Razr Hawk (neutral 10.5* S) averaging about 250 and I like to fill the gap.

Current index is 9.7 ( was around 5.0 about 2 ys ago), but at the moment I am more of a bogey player......

I was thinking on a Ping G15 17* off the deck and off the fairway ..... Any thoughts ?
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Tour Edge xcg5 - 16.5* 4 wood. Easy swing 220 off the deck. I could not hit my launcher 3 and 5woods off the deck at all, took them out of my bag. Decided with some help from some good people on these forums to try a 4 wood, so I did a little research and bought the TEE.

 Man I was able to hit that club instantly, off the deck or the tee. great club, so I bought a TEE xcg5 13* 3 wood, again, instantly off the deck out 230 to 260 amazed myself. Nice woods can't sing their praises enough.

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In the past I had troubles with my drivers (in the days metal woods were news) and I had a Taylor Made Raylor 4 wood, that was near perfect. A few years ago I tried modern 3W and 5W (909 F) and have hit some wonderful shots...... But also so many disappointments with them, that I kinda think I am not a wood player......

I still have a golden oldie 5 wood in my closet (Daiwa Exeler 5W full graphite head) having to hit that beween the screws and it really is a small head (today) and a Great Big Bertha Tungsten Titanium 2 iron ...... both are great from the tee, but not from the fairway (for me).

I feel I prefer something that hits like a iron and has the distance of a 4 wood or 1 or 2 iron ......
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5 wood or 18° hybrid
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I'm looking for the same. Anything longer than a driver? a1_smile.gif
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Tour Edge Exotics 4W, 16.5*, is one to consider. Comes from a long line of solid FWs. PGA Tour pro Brandt Schnedeker plays Exotics for no promo money - he likes them because they work. If you could find a 2012 model, you could save $100 (Exotics are pretty pricy bought new).


A second one might be a Mizuno FLI-HI Hybrid Iron, which emerged in 2010. If you could find an 18* 2H (39.25" shaft), this might make a good option between a single fairway wood and your 3i. (If you could find one of these in a trade-in rack, you might really like it.)


The model has shifted in 2013 to the JPX FLI-HI Hybrid DLRs (direct long-iron replacements). 21* 3H (probably same as your 3i) is longest club for the new model.


You might also look at the 2013 Callaway X Utility Prototypes. Lowest-lofted version is 18*, with steel shaft 39.75" long, or graphite 40" long.

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Have you looked at Olimar?  Old school, but I have two Tri-metals that I really like the flow of. The 15 degree should fit the bill. I got mine at a thrift store for under $5   (15 degree and 21 degree). If you hit them off a tee, make sure you tee them low. Off the fairway no problem at all.

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Looks like I am going to buy a second hand Adams Idea Pro black 20* Voodoo Stiff for 50 bucks, but I will demo the TEE 16.5* of I can find it overhere. I had a similar 16* Idea Pro Black about 3 yrs. ago, but that was to less loft to get consistent results..... At least for me it was.
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