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Other than clubs, what's in your bag and where do you keep it?

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My bag is a mess. I have plastic bags with tees, gloves, markers, sharpies, etc.

I have random balls in 1 pocket, I have suntan and bug spray in another, I have a rain suit and hat in another.


Whenever I get to the course I'm rummaging around trying to find everything.


I'd like ideas for keeping the stuff other than my clubs organized and ready to go, and like to know what you think I really need to bring with me in the bag.



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I'm the same way...I probably have too much stuff in the bag...but just as soon as I don't I need something I left behind.

Pocket 1 - reserved for wallet, watch, car keys, and wedding ring

Pocket 2 - FULL of tees

Pocket 3 - extra towels, couple of training aids

Pocket 4 - ball markers, gloves, sharpies, extra cleats for shoes, driver wrench

Pocket 5 - balls

Pocket 6 - rain suit

Pocket 7 - Advil, gum, sunscreen, spare change

Pocket 8 - 2 bottles of water
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My bag is not very organized either but I really only have to go to 2 pockets to play. Grab everything out of one and a ball out of another. 


One small pocket is for the small things I know I will want to put in my pocket every single time I play: Ball mark fixer, a few coins, my GPS, and some long and short tees.


Another small pocket is for my camera, my cell phone, my car keys, a sharpie, and a couple of pencils.


One pocket is for Pro V1 golf balls and another is for cheaper golf balls.


The big pocket in the back is the disaster area: Top cover for bag, spare towels, a wind breaker jacket, pull-over sweater, couple of bags of tees, right and left baseball gloves (not sure why I put those in there because I've never used a glove in golf or baseball...SMH), the tool for changing the face angle on my driver (also completely unnecessary because I never change it), a few packs of peanut butter crackers (mostly for other people since I don't eat on the course unless I'm pulling an "all dayer"), and a couple of Black Raspberry drinks.

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goddam.....shawn sounds anal.  IMO..............



pocket 1....tees and divot tool


3............laser/extra gloves

4..............rain cover and extra gloves


anything more is anal BS.............

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I like to stay some what organized. Not neat, but I know where everything is.

1 - Divot tool, ball markers, current glove (these come out during the round, and this pocket holds phone, wallet, and car keys during)
2- sunscreen, bug spray, spare glove, rain cover, extra towel, spare $20 bill, and some crackers
3- Tees
5-sharpie, pencil, yardage books for my home courses
6- A drink or two
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Pocket 1. ProVs

Pocket 2. Shag balls

Pocket 3. Advil, Band-Aids, change, sharpies, etc.

Pocket 4. Rain shirt, extra socks, FJ gloves, tool for driver and woods.

Pocket 5. Rubber snake, and towels. (I carry more towels than I need.)

Pocket 6. Wallet, keys, and watch.

Pocket 7. Sunglasses, alcohol wipes, ball mark tools and ball markers.

My Edwin Watts tee bag and range finder case hang outside my bag.

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Pocket 1 - Ball marker, sharpie, pitch mark repair tool

Pocket 2 - Balls

Pocket 3 - Rain shirt and water bottle

Pocket 4 - Cell phone

Pocket 5 - Tees

Pocket 6 - Glove, wallet, keys

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Front Top Pocket - Tees, Ball Markers, Divot Repair Tools, Glove

Front Bottom Pocket - Playable Balls (Approximately 25-30)

Left Bottom Pocket - Shag Balls or "retired" playable balls

Upper Right Pocket (Shorter) - Sunscreen, Athletic Tape, Advil

Upper Right Pocket (Long) - Windbreaker, Towel, and the most important item of all - BEER!!!!!

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Padded valuables pocket: Beretta subcompact 9mm (dont leave home without it)
2: zero friction tees
3: leupold laser and divot tool
4: 12 qstars or e5 (what ever feels right that day)
5: frozen 32oz powerade
6: various coins from my travels that I use as ball markers.
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I only ride these days, so pretty much everything but the kitchen sink stays in the bag.....


Left side:  Wind shirt, cold weather gloves, stocking cap, sunscreen, rules book, spare reading glasses

Right side:  Rain suit, rain hat, gatoraide

Left front:  Tees, pencils, rangefinder, ball markers, divot repair tool

Right front:  Gloves, balls

Lower front:  Spare balls, sunglasses, bugspray, soft spikes, rain gloves

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My bag is a WWII era canvas walking bag with only one small pocket. It contains four golf balls, and an altoids tin filled with tees. 

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Side pocket 1 - ball marker collection

Side pocket 2 - current glove, driver wrench, divot tool

Side pocket 3 - Advil, Chapstick, 2 for 1 coupons, spare change, contact solution

Big pocket side - rain cover, sweater, extra gloves, extra socks

Side pocket 4 - bug spray, sun lotion, cloth to clean clubs

Side pocket 5 - extra balls (Bidgestone & Titleist) I put my keys, wallet, watch here too.

Bottom pocket - Balls and Tees
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My main bag has 2 zip pockets, the ball pocket and the full length side pocket. In the ball pocket are--balls. In the side pocket, I keep a ziploc bag that has regular and broken tees, a few coins, a scoring pencil, ball markers, ball mark repair tools, and a sharpie. I have attached a caribiner inside the pocket on which I clip my keys. My wallet goes in the bottom of this pocket. The cell phone and glasses usually stay in the trunk of the car. Oh, also in the big pocket is another ziploc full of new tees.
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rain jacket and socks in 1 pocket.


balls in another


tees, markers, spikes, gloves in another


wallet watch cell phone keys in another


rain cover in a small pocket


thats about it

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Pocket 1: Phone, keys

Pocket 2: tees, ball markers, ball mark repair tool (I actually keep them in a small, fishing tackle box that keeps them all organized)

Pocket 3: sunblock, bug spray, rain hood for golf bag

Pocket 4: glove

Pocket 5: balls

Pocket 6: pullover, sweater

Pocket 7: beer, water, soda

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Pocket 1: Balls

Pocket 2: Tees 

Pocket 3: Extra ball markers and repair tools, valuables, markers, 

Pocket 4: Main glove, ball marker and repair tool.

Pocket 5: Chap-stick, rules book, pencils, yardage books, score cards and pocket score card holder, band aids, membership pass, spare rangefinder battery, Lanacane anti-chafing gel.  a3_biggrin.gif

Pocket 6: Rain jacket, extra gloves and rain gloves.

Pocket 7: Water bottle


Towel and range finder hang from the side.

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1. Tees

2. Balls

3. Rules book, two knitting needles with stretchy string, Aim charts (in my pocket during the round)

4. AimPoint Bubble Level, tape

5. Gatorade

6. Gloves (Rotate 2 throughout the round)

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