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Help with Shaft on Ping G15's

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So I am a pretty high handicapper looking to upgrade from Ping eye 2 black dot iron set with zz lite shafts.

I'm really interested in a set of Ping g15's. I purchased a 7 iron regular flex demo club to try it out. I took it out today and got more distance, but had no control over the ball like I do with my current set. I've been playing my current set for about 15 years and I read where the zz lites are a very stiff shaft, but I when I read which shaft is right for you it would seem to me I would fall under the regular flex category.

Is it possible that I am so used to the stiffness of my current clubs that I should get the stiff flex even though I more then likely would fall under regular.

I hope this makes sense as I am just getting back into golf and this will be a significant purchase for me.

Any help would be great.

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I'm certainly no expert here, but if you are used to the stiffer shaft and switch to regular, you will have some adjusting to make. I have the G15 driver and 3wood with 20 and 23 hybrids, all with regular shafts. I upgraded from Rapture woods but kept the Rapture irons. Stiff graphite shafts. I also have a set of older i3's with reg shafts that I play with often.. I find that I must adjust my swing when shifting to reg from stiff, or else my ball goes right and high. I'm constantly fighting overswing. Remember, slow down and let the club do it's work. My suggestion, go with the regular shafts and learn how to use them.

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Without knowing a little more about you, it is impossible to guess what type of shaft works for you.  That being said, you stated that your specs fit a regular flex shaft, so I will work under that assumption... 


It seems to me that the problem is likely "new club syndrome"


New Club Syndrome = subconsciously over swinging a new golf club in an attempt to prove it is better than an old one. 


Another possibility is that the new club has a lighter swing weight which means you are applying more force (which can cause a poor transition) and the shaft isn't releasing properly. 


Remember to keep realistic expectations of a 20 handicap.  If you have a 7 iron (call it the 150' club) you are likely only to hit the green (if you aim for the middle) once in every 5 or 6 attempts.  A new club isn't going to magically make you go from 3-5 GIR's to 10 GIR's. 


Focus on tempo and a smooth transition from the back swing to downswing, and likely you will find the true merits of the G15.  If after 2-3 sessions the new 7 iron isn't better, stick with the Eye 2's, they are still great clubs. 

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