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I think I found a key for me controlling my driver on the range yesterday

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Generally when my game is off I have trouble controlling my drives from fading, sometimes severely. I usually have to think of trying to draw the ball off the tee in order to keep it straight/control it. The problem with that is it's not consistent, I often over cook the draw trying to compensate and it goes way left, but I also still fade it too so it's hard to know what shot to play off of the tee.


On the range today I found if I think about keeping my left shoulder down through my swing I can keep the ball pretty straight and control it. I think this thought is keeping me from turning my body off the ball thus hitting that fade. Does this seem like a legit swing thought, or was it just a quick fix for the day that won't work long term?

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I have the opposite problem.  I'm a serial snap hooker.  I've found that increasing the grip pressure with my top hand helps straighten me out.  Its seems to keep me from releasing my hands too early and rolling over it.  Anything to stop snapping.  It can be frustrating enough to consider walking away.  I said consider... 

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Heck I'd be happy with a consistent miss. I guess that's my whole issue, if I play to fade it I'll hit an uncontrollable fade that basically is going sideways by the time it lands. If I aim to fade and think draw I'll usually hit a straight or maybe slight fade that works very well for me. When I get into trouble is when I play the draw and I actually draw it into the trees a few times, then I'm on the tee not knowing whether my next swing will be a draw or fade. It's really only an issue I deal with off the tee, and it's not all the time. I'm hoping this new thought will help me be more consistent off the tee therefore more consistent in my scores. Right now I'm as likely to shoot a 90+ as I am a 78
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Good point.  The pros talk about eliminating one side of the course.  So if you have a consistent miss you can game plan for it and limit the damage.  Which when i was snapping last year i was still able to score ok  because of this very principal.


Just remember, that big slice comes from the spin you are putting on the ball.  That spin is because you either are leaving the club face open at impact and/or you are coming across the ball with you swing plane.  To be consistent you will have to address that issue.  Then that baby fade will turn into your go to shot.  

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I had the same issue with not knowing where my miss was going to be (specifically with driver). My ball flight when I am swinging well is almost straight but with a little draw. Off tee I was missing all over the place with a lot of severe blocks to the right. I tried several things, relaxing grip pressure, ball position and height, wrist cock, messing with my grip (bad idea) etc.. Finally I read Hogans 5 and I took from that a full shoulder turn left arm as straight as possible taking it back, then hips, shoulders, arms, hands to impact. I absolutely do not think of all of these things while swinging, I just make sure my upper arms are snug to my body (but not tense) and turn until shoulder is under my chin then I clear the left hip. My one swing thought is head stays behind the ball through impact, this works very well for me with irons. I still miss hit some drives, but the good is outweighing the bad and my misses are usually not off the planet and they are predominantly to the right. Every other round I might get excited and snap one left. I am always good for one or even two triples in a round and they are usually a result of hitting three off tee. If I have a tight tee shot I can aim up the left side and hit a kind of weak fade. It is not as long as I know I can hit it, but I have extra confidence over the ball as long as I make that full turn.

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