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08 Nissan Maxima

I love it!

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The second one isn't mine, but its the same color and its a bigger picture than the one I have on this computer of mine. It was for a signature pic.


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So sad... the one that got away from me.  I totalled it in a wreck many years ago. This picture is not the exact car but a good approximation.  1955 Chevy.  I replaced it with the 1957 Belair, and that one was nice too.



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2002 Toyota Solara.  Great car.  A little small for me, but that's just because I'm big.  Low maintenance, great gas mileage.  Rides smooth.  Looking to buy a big-ol King Ranch diesel F-350 dualie in the next 10 years or so if fates align.  The nice one's are $60,000.  Those are probably really comfortable.  May take winning the lottery though.



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I drive a 2011 Volkwagen GTI. A truly Fantastic driver- its probably the last car I'll buy for a while. 

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I drive a black BMW 525i. Its my black stallion

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Kidding Kia Sorento11

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Just picked up a '05 Toyota 4Runner SR5..loving it. 

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Just got an '11 Sonata Limited 2.0T.  SO much better than my last car, 02 Grand Prix SE

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98 Honda Civic EX, Great Gas Mileage!!

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2003 Ford Escape

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My daily driver.......


It's terrible in the snow and the HEMI isn't especially fuel efficient, but I don't care...still love it!  It turns a lot of heads for sure!!  I live in the midwest and still manage to drive 'the above'  48-50 weeks per year.  So long as the streets aren't covered in snow or ice.....it's rolling down the highway.



PS...when the streets are snow covered, it gets parked because it won't go uphill in snow. LOL  I am fortunate to have a backup option when that happens....

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Originally Posted by motteler621 View Post

nice man. I like the jeep srt8's. Ive actually got the jeep srt8 oem wheels on my 04 grand cherokee

You like the jeep?...........nice MOPAR grocery getter!!!


Check out this sweet MOPAR grocery getter.........you will appreciate this!!


This cheroke ran a 9.65 at 146mph!!!!  Hahaha......no joke!  I read on a MOPAR forum this guy has gone through nearly 20 Tranny's......I guess 1,000+hp will do that!!


.....that is 1 SWEET daily driver!


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Originally Posted by Fat Slice View Post

I drive a Mazdaspeed 3 and a Toyota Tundra 4x4. When the weather is nice and I am feeling like spending some gas money, I will take one of these two out...

OMG......Veeery nice!   As if 1 Superbird wasn't enough?  Hahaha... I love it!  (very jealous)   WOW.....


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2011 BMW x3 or 09 Audi a4 turbo

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Just traded in my 2008 Miata PRHTw/48k miles and a 2002 chevy Tracker w/102k miles for a 2012 Mazda3 Hatch.....because I needed one car that I could commute 60 miles/day on regular gas Mon thru Fri then haul my golf clubs to the course on the weekend.....currently, getting 32+ mpg....I am sad that I no longer have a sports car, but am a fiscally happy golfing commuter!

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Better yet...my daily driver in my buckeye themed garage.....f3_laugh.gif


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