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Getting a new 56* tomorrow but....

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But I can't decide whether or not I should get the Cleveland CG16, or the Cleveland 588 RTX cavity back model.

Any recommendations guys? I know it's late, and I did search. Just trying to figure it out. Also I am a somewhat beginner if that would sway you one way or the other in a recommendation. Thanks!
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Hit them both at the store and go with the one you fall in love with. If you don't fall in love with one of them DON'T buy either, go hit every 56* in the store until you do fall in love. Try out some 54* and 55* as well. You gotta love your wedge so it will love you back. I love all three of my wedges - 52-08 TNT mb, 56-14 Nike SV Tour mb and a Mizuno MP-T11 mb.


I got the TNT for $5 at a flea market because I loved the shape of the head. I had to cut 1.5" off the shaft and plaster the back with lead tape but it takes very good care of me.


Any reason your looking at cavity backs? Personally I don't find the forgiveness is necessary in a wedge and the look and feel of the MB gives me more confidence but YMMV.

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Looking at cavity backs because the forgiveness would probably be better for me on fuller shots
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I have to go with Ernest on this one. Try both and if you don't love either, try others. My old wedge is nothing any self respecting golfer would pull out of the used bin, but I still have it because I love it. I am actively looking for a new one(mine is really old and worn), but haven't found one to break me from my old one.
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Get the CG16 or CG14. You can find them with conforming grooves around 60-80$, and they spin plenty with great grinds on the sole. The RTX are still 100-130$ for practically no discernable difference. Both are very nice wedges with a bit more forgiveness than the CG15 (Which I use in my LW and love).

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I use both the CG15 and 16 and honestly I can't tell the difference. From the top they look the same to me and I don't notice anything beyond that. The 16 is as low as $69.99 new. I just got the latest DSG and GG ads and the 588's are on sale for $99.99. Sucks because I just bought a 48/10 CG16 and would have preferred the 588, can't justify buying another wedge. Though my CG15 56/14 is pretty beat after two seasons.

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I went with the CG16. Too many great reviews for the price to pass it up.

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I just finished my search for a new set of wedges and settled on the CG16 (50, 56, & 60). Great price on a great wedge!

But I agree with others saying you need to hit one before you buy it... Super important to be confident and comfortable with your wedges!!
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