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How Many Putters Do You Have?

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I finally went to the basement and did an inventory of my putters. 

1) Ping Anser

2) Ping Anser 2

3) Ping B60

4) Ping B60i

5) Ping B90 (51")

6) Ping B90 (45")

7) Ping Pal

8) Ping Piper H

9) Ping Zing2

10) Ping Zing2i

11) Odyssey Rossie II

12) Odyssey White Hot XG #9

13) Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball

14) TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider

15) Acushnet Bullseye

16) Bionix RL

17) EZ Roll TStroke

18) Northwestern 250

19) Shakespeare Black Knight

(There are also 3 putters that my wife owns.)


At one time or another, all of these putters had a prominent place in my golf bag. Right now I am using the B60i and Piper H with Lamkin jumbo putter grips. The "B" team includes the Anser 2, White Steel 2-Ball, and White Hot HG #9.


I was just curious as to how many other golfers have an obsession for collecting putters.

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Just two. My first ever putter, a Dunlop Fuzzy Zoeller Blade. Came with a set of Dunlop irons that were given to me. And to this day I've never seen another set. My old boss at the golf course used to give me hell about how nice my bag and sticks were other than the Fuzzy putter. So I picked up a Scotty Cameron SS Newport while I was working there. I love it and have zero intentions of replacing it in the foreseeable future.

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  • 3
  • Edel Vari-Loft @ 35 in. (Gamer since April 2009)
  • David Mills Custom 353g @ 34.5 in. (circa 2006, soft carbon steel ... it's a one-off putter)
  • SeeMore FGP (training putter)
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One.  Can't imagine why I'd need more.  I find one that works and I stick with it.  I think I've had 5 putters in 35 years.  Sold my old Odyssey when we moved down here - it hadn't been out of the garage in 4 years.

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Uno thats one for all you white folks. I gave my other one to a friend and want no part of getting it back I really love my new one for now.

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I have 2 possibly 3...........


I have a TM Rossa Monza Spider that's been in my bag since circa 2007'ish.........

....also a Ping Zing2.....that dates back to 1996. It hasn't seen action since the Spider arrived.



I may still have a Ram Zebra.......LOL  (not sure)  That putter was hideous with the removable plate and weights inside.  I removed all the weight and screwed the cover tight....but every time I stroked a putt, it made a clanking noise as if the screws were loose. 

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Wilson Geo Low Original 600, PING Anser 3, Bridgestone mallet, Ray Cook flanged blade. All 4 see some rotation, but the Wilson and PING are most prominent.
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Just two.


Carizma Beethoven Rolloaded. GREAT feeling putter that may find it's way back into the bag at some point.


And a Yes! Athena. Ugly as sin but really great putter that rolls the ball very nicely, placebo effect? Maybe but I don't care, it works for me.

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"How many putters do I have?"


What are you, my wife? Do I ask you how many purses you have? Are you saying I have too many? Why do you want to make me defensive about my golf equipment? I'm leaving and will be back in about five hours.

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I have four. All different Taylor Made models. All mallet, face balanced.


I think they're great putters and I don't plan on buying any more. If my putting is bad, it's my fault, not the equipment's fault.

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* My grandfather's Dunlop Andrews... I eventually bought a "new" (to me) putter, and my mom reclaimed this one.

* Ping Anser, 35" - bought used, first 'modern'ish putter.

* Fisher blade putter, 34.5" - bought used from a friend.

* Cleveland Classic 2 (semi-blade, semi-mallet), 34" - also bought used; first milled putter. Even though these were cheap to buy new, I was even cheaper in graduate school.

* Distance Master accusite mallet putter, 33". Built for the experience, played once, loved it, so it'll be in my bag for a while.

So... 4-5, depending how you count.
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Just two:


1998 Scotty Cameron TeI3 Santa Fe

Seemore original

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Three :  Odyssey Metal-x 7  41 inch, Cleveland Classic Platinum Black Belly (for sale), Tom Weiskopf 313 36 inch.



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Just 2, a Wilson 8802 that I used to love and an Odyssey whose model number I can't recall. I used to buy new putters all the time but the Odyssey has been in my bag for about 8 years now.

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My 33" Odyssey Crimson 660 series (blade) with a scarlet/white/grey WINN AVS Jumbo grip on it. It's worked just fine since day one and I've had no reason to replace it. Whether or not I work that day or not is up in the air, but surely it's not Ody's fault...

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Just one, SC Golo 5 with a Super Stroke grip.

I have my sons first putter put away for him so some day he will have it.


But a putter is like a good woman you only need one!c3_clap.gif

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My gamer the Scotty Cameron Newport SS 2.5 but I also have a few others:


- Ping Anser

- Odyssey Metal-X 2 ball

- Taylormade Rossa (I Think it's a Siena 4 or something)


I'm thinking of buying a Scotty Golo 5 series also. 

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Scotty Newport II oilcan
Scotty Kombi S
An old Zebra mallet

There may be a couple others in the attic somewhere, but I wouldn't swear to it......

I seldom switch, but knowing there are replacements available seems to keep my Kombi from acting up! a1_smile.gif
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