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Formula 1

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Any Formula 1 fans here? 


It's been a pretty good season so far. Vettel leading every race as usually, and some major tire failures especially at the British GP have really hurt some drivers. 


What has been some of yall's favorite moments from the season so far?

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It's been a good season so far, but not as great as last year. The same dynamics are at hand now as they were in 2012.


  • Red Bull has the most balanced package and most efficient organization, yet Sebastian Vettel somehow feels eminently beatable.
  • The Mercedes-engined cars are the fastest on the grid, but they eat up tires, and the teams don't seem to know what they're doing behind the pit wall.
  • Lotus, on the other hand, is very good on its tires, and Kimi Raikkonen is able to maximize the car's potential at every race. It's just not quick at all, though, and it's hard for Kimi to make up ground in the championship when he's only qualified on the front row once all season.
  • Fernando Alonso, again, is piloting the Ferrari to heights it doesn't deserve to be. Like Raikkonen and Lotus, though, Alonso's ceiling is hampered by the fact that his car doesn't have the qualifying pace Red Bull and Mercedes have.


The primary difference between this year and last is that Vettel is off to a much better start now than he did in 2012. Halfway through last season, Vettel had only scored one victory; this year, he has four. If he can roll off four wins in a row like he did in the latter half of last season, Vettel will take his fourth championship running away. However, I feel like Lewis Hamilton is going to make a big push. Hamilton's the more consistent Mercedes driver by far, yet Nico Rosberg has been the one winning races this year. My gut says the gap between Vettel and the field is going to tighten before the circus flies away to Asia at the end of September.

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It will be interesting to see who Red Bull chooses to fill the seat of Mark Webber, maybe Kimi or Toro Rosso's Ricciardo?


It's amazing how Ferrari has been in the back of the pack for the past few seasons, Force India is starting to put pressure on them during races.


Like you said, if Vettel keeps winning like he has he will be a 4 time (in a row) champion.

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I don't think Raikkonen would go to Red Bull. He chose to spend two years out rallying instead of playing teammate to Alonso. I can't see him taking a backseat to Vettel unless Lotus' financial problems are way worse than they're letting on. A more plausible move would be Kimi replacing Perez at McLaren once their Honda contract begins in 2015: being a Honda man from their last stint in F1, Button's likely to stay put, and McLaren is more open to giving its drivers equal status than most on the grid.

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Well while some races are good I think in total the whole drs, tyre manamgent didn't do formula 1 any good.

Sure it is nice to see cars overtaking eachother but in a lot of races it just took the fun away, in the past if you were 3 or 4 of a tenth quicker each lap you could get closer but didnt mean you could easaly overtake the person before you. Now it just looks like you're watching fast and furious and they just press the nitro button and say see ya.


Same for fuelling, they say they did it for safety but looking at some of the pitstops in last year with wheels running of the car and causing unsafe releases the guy in one of the last gp was very lucky he didnt get injured too badly else they might say pitstop is unsafe and remove it totally.


If they really want to make f1 fun again they should add other things to the sport where the smaller teams also benefit more from. Why do they get blue flags, if they are that slower then just use your drs and overtake them i see no use for the blue flags with the current system.

Short the trainings and add a minirace on the sunday and also give a couple of points for minirace and qualifing. Reverse the startingorder so that last person in qualifying start as number 1 on sundaymorning in the minirace.

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The season is a wash w/Vettel - boring...reminds me of the time Schumacher won every race.  Can't even get a bad pit stop to shake things up.  Sterile races are not going to keep Americans entertained IMO.

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