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new clubs (to me)

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My brother is a scratch golfer and just got the new TM Stage 2 driver and three wood.  He handed me down his old R11 driver and 3 wood.  I have been using an old Cleveland Launcher 460 driver and I think it is a Ping G320 3 wood.  My driver was 9.5 and 3W 13 degrees.  The R11 is 9 and 3W 14.5.  The R11 are set up neutral.  I am a 12 hcp who has improved from a 25 this summer.  I have made progress, but seemed a little overmatched by the clubs.  I hit Callaway X forged irons about 5 or 6 years old and hit them well, but it took me a while to get used to them and figure out how best to hit them this summer.


I hit them for the first time on the range.  The seemed to be much hotter off the face and with good distance, but I was a little wild with them.  I struggled with point of contact a bit.  That may have been an off day, but I felt that I needed some time to get used to hitting them and adjust to them.  Is that right?  or should I be solid enough to hit any club well?  I have heard of pros having struggles with adjusting to new clubs, should I expect to struggle a bit with them until I get used to them?  Should I put them in play right away or spend more time on the range with them?  Should I get them set up for me because I have a tendency to slice/fade or leave them at neutral?  

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your definantly not too bad to play them. woods generally get easier to hit as time goes on. if you are wild you may wanna check the lengths. If they are longer then you will be a little wilder. Also more loft should make you straighter. Usually it takes a range session or two but after that you will be fine. I personally do not like that set but you may get used to them.

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What do you like?  They were free and better than what I was using, but I have not hit many different drivers.  I played with them and hit them well with about an extra 20 yards of distance, but I like to know what others like.

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I personally don't like the way they set up... And feel a little hard... I like things like the new rbz like your bro got or titleist910... Even nike is making a comeback... If you don't wanna spend much money I am in love with the burner superfast2.0 fairway woods... You could sell yours on eBay and get those and break even
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I can definately feel the hardness.  I guess I like that better because my old club was very mushhy.  Interesting about what the bro got, he also used to use the Titleist.  Good idea on the buy/sell.  

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I buy sell all my clubs and can get clubs a year old for the same amount or a touch more than what I sell
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Just make sure you use eBay and not trade ins
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