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replacement/alternative to callaway x12 pitching wedge

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I use a set of X12's (old school i know) and love these irons however i only have the 3-9 irons and cant get a reasonably priced X12 PW anywhere. i have a cleveland tour action PW (49 degree loft)but the gap between the X12 9 iron and the cleveland PW is far too much. i struggle to hit the PW over 100 where the 9 iron i can hit 150 easily (as the clubs are oversize and seem to get great distance compared to any othe irons i have tried.) I feel this is holding back my game as i often find myself with 110 yards or so to the hole and struggle to take some off my 9 iron and struggle to reach with the PW.

I was wondering if anyone could recomend a different PW that may have the same feel or distance as a callaway X12 PW. i have considered Callaway X14 PW and also Callaway Big Bertha iron PW but have had the same problem finding any cheap enough especially as i dont know if they would be good replacement or not. Are there other brands or models that could do the job i want from the X12 PW and fit in with the rest of my setwithout feeling too different?

the spec for the callaway x12 9 iron is 42 degree and 64.5 lie and the pw is 46.5 and 65 lie, (both steel regular shafts)
the big bertha irons dont have a pw but a 10 iron with the spec 10 iron 45 degree and 65 lie.

so it would seem to me that i am looking for a PW with the same spec as an x12 and perhaps also an oversized model like the x12s that get good distance (or should i look for a PW with less loft and therefore getting more distance)

P.S. I am not the best when it comes to clubs and technicalities but im even worse at golf:-D
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go on someone:-)
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Where have you tried to find a replacement?

Quick Google brought up a bunch on eBay. Dirt cheap......

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Need more information:

  • What is the shaft length of the X12 9i?
  • Are you looking for three or four wedges for your bag (PW included)?


Be aware that wedges in a model normally have only 1/4" difference in shaft length between types of wedges (GW, SW). Most numbered irons have 1/2" length difference.


Some golfers have gone to 48, 54 and 60 degree wedges (48* replaces both PW and GW). You can do this with Cleveland, the new Callaway wedges, Vokey.


If you end up with a small yardage gap between the 9i and the first wedge, you can always choke up on the 9i a little to shave off yards.

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hi guys thaks for the help. im sorry i forgot to mention that i live in scotland and that i have been checking on ebay but most clubs are based in U.S. so shipping costs make the club far too expensive and there are hardly any based in uk.
wu tiger here is the spec of the x12 9iron and also the x12 pw.
loft lie length
#9 42° 64.5° 36
PW 46.5° 65° 35.5

i already have 3 wedges that i like. they are all cleveland tour action wedges. the first is a 49° pw then a gap wedge 53° followed by a lob wedge 60°. i was planning on keeping all 3 of these wedges and just addding the callaway pw.
That would leave me with x12 9 iron 42°, x12 pw 46.5°, cleveland pw 49°, 53° then 60°.
i have also tried choking up with 9 iron (but still hit too far) and 3/4 swing with 9 but i tend push right a lot when i try this.

i have also considered other callaway x models i.e. x14 x16 and big bertha irons (would be a 10 iron rather than pw with his model). trouble is i have never tried any of these clubs and not sure if there are massive differences in distance or feel in different models and yet again getting the club on its own a reasonable price on ebay uk is quite difficult.

has anyone tried different callaway models i.e. uprgrade from x12 to x14 or similar models and how have ou found the difference between the newer models

once again thanks for your help. cheers
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Suggestion: If you like the Cle wedges, why not consider these tweaks?

  • Bend 49* one degree strong to 48*
  • Bend 53* one degree weak to 54*


This would give you 48-54-60 wedge mix. You would have 6* gaps between 9i and the three wedges. I suggest this assuming the Cle wedges have 1/4" differences in shaft length.


If you end up with a larger-than-wanted yardage gap between 9i and 48*, you could have your clubfitter build up the low end of the 9i grip. Have him put three extra wraps of tape under the low hand (right hand) area of the grip. Then, you could choke down a quarter or half inch on the club, without having the grip feel "too thin" and having you risk pulling the shot from extra hand action.

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Have you tried looking in the used golf club bins of the courses that you play? I happened to play in Florida the other day on vacation from Texas and found the A wedge for my Callaway X-14s. It was $20. I didn't buy it since I had recently picked up a few Cleveland wedges, but had I seen this before, I would have definitely picked it up as I still like my X-14s.

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thanks again guys.
Wutiger that is a really good idea you suggested (bending clubs) wouldnt have thought of this myself and so simple and will prob cost me next to nothing to do. As for choking down this is something i am going to have to work on in practice. think my prob is i swing to slow when trying to take abit off a club.Very helpfull thank you very much.
spacemanspiff i have checked local course shops but not any joy yet my search for the elusive x12 pw goes on. thanks for suggestion anyway
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Originally Posted by jon viper View Post

... As for choking down this is something i am going to have to work on in practice. think my prob is i swing to slow when trying to take abit off a club. ...


You have to accelerate through the ball to get a good shot. To take something off the ball, it's best to go with slightly shorter backswing and a good follow-through, or choking down a little (it has effect of "shortening the shaft" a little).


Pros at golf expos and demo days are always exhorting people to accelerate the clubhead through the ball.

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