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Driving Range Yips??

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Ladies & Gentlemen,


So, I have scoured the internet and can't find a single article, etc. in reference to my "issue".


I play quite a bit of golf, and recently have made some major swing changes that I feel will help in the long run. I am using a lot of principles from the "stack and tilt" method. I have had great success on the course, but within the last two weeks, I have developed the DRIVING RANGE YIPS. I spend a lot of time at the practice facility near my house. For some reason, I have issues on the range that never surface on the course.


The "yip" only rears its ugly head during a full swing with any iron. Driver is fine, 1/2-3/4 swings are fine. When I take a full iron swing, I hit low, slicing line drives at about a 60 degree angle directly right (I play right handed). It seems the club is hooded and the face is wide open at impact. I just cannot seem to get my hip through and my wrist over at impact. 


My theory is that I am focusing too much on creating lag and I don't think I am getting my hip out of the way fast enough. But try as I may, I can't mentally do it. I don't know what is going on.


Any thoughts, suggestions, medications??


Thanks for any help.

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Had a very similar situation occur to me. I was shanking irons on the range every now and then, but playing fine on the course. When attempting to swing hard, I felt my hips were clearing to soon, my swing path was coming to far inside and I was leaving the club face open at impact. I use somewhat of a stack and tilt swing as well, and its possible this has something to do with it. I solved this problem fairly simple. I made sure my hips were square to the ball, and my hands were forward of the ball at address. IMO, keeping your hands pressed forward of the ball at address can solve most problems with any type of slice you may be encountering.

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