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Hitting your 3 wood off the deck

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3 wood off of an ideal fairway lie.


Where do you set your ball up with regards to your feet and other clubs?


I line up my ball inside my left heel with my hybrids and it works well.  This is the same ball position for my driver (pull-fade) and 3 wood off the tee.  However I am not confident hitting 3 wood off the deck, only off the tee box with a tee of about 1/2" to 3/4" above the flat.


Do you line your 3 wood and, say, 3 iron hybrid the same way?  Where do you line your ball up?  

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Inside left foot an inch or so towards center with a wide, sweeping swing. Hybrids I swing like an iron.

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Probably 1 balls width further back in my stance, then i just hit the ball.

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I will play around with it at the range and see where I start to make better contact. Sometimes it's closer towards the middle of my stance. Maybe try moving it back some and see what happens? 

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Some things to consider:

  • One tip suggests choking up a halr-inch on your 3W when hitting it off the turf; you can try it at full grip off the tee.
  • If your FWs have more offset than your driver or irons, this may cause a hand position problem, which is magnified if you have an uneven lie.
  • If you have a little sidehill lie on the shots, FWs with a more rounded sole are easier to hit off the turf than FWs with a flatter sole.
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I set up with the ball about 2" inside of my left heel.  It seems to work OK for me, although I will admit that the 3-wood off the deck isnt my most confident shot in the bag.

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I allign it in the same way I do for my driver.


I've tried moving it slightly towards the back foot, but always end up slicing it

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I've found that if I align the ball just an inch or so back of center in my stance and set up with my hands forward of ball (so forward lean in the shaft), then make sure to concentrate on pulling through with my left as much as powering through with my right, I am very consistent with my fairway woods and get a much straighter and longer ball flight.

I used to play the ball just inside my front foot and struggled with consistently striking the ball solid... Lots of misses topping or hitting it fat... And struggled with slicing out of the fairway when I did hit it solid. My iron and fairway wood play has improved and become much more consistent since making this alignment change. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my driver!!
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