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My Journey 2 Scratch  

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Hey guys, started a blog to chronicle my journey to become a scratch golfer. If you could please take a second and just give it a look, I’d appreciate it.  If you enjoy it, I hope you continue to check in and follow my journey. Any feedback is welcome, new to the forums so looking forward to chatting with some fellow golfers, thanks, site is My Journey 2 Scratch

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anybody check it out.....thought?

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Nice looking blog...you write a lot...you are a good golfer. I didn't read everything, so forgive me if this is answered, but what are you going to do when you get to scratch?

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Looks good, I'll give it a read this weekend. I have played a handful of the courses that you are posting about, and it's always interesting to compare and contrast my experiences to someone elses.

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This is the jerk who posts this junk on every second Youtube golf video.

He is a spammer who is not getting near scratch

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Only way I can get my site out there Shorty, honestly it doesn't disrupt your life in anyway as you scroll through the comments after watching the video.  You're most certainly the jerk and just a hater....and haters going to hate.  I'm trying to get an audience that can help motivate me and keep me accountable to get to my goal of becoming scratch...which I will do btw.


@oldblu3 - I'm just focused on getting to scratch first and staying consistent, would love to start playing in a lot of tournaments this next year and just see where it takes me from there.  Just taking one step at a time and eventually it will all work out how it was supposed to....thanks for checking out the site!


@Big C - thanks, I hope ya do give it a read, I totally agree with what you're saying about reading about other peoples rounds on the same courses that you play, it is always fun to compare and contrast styles and also see the way they played a certain hole compared to you.  Which ones have you played down here?

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Originally Posted by Bluecrew27 View Post

Only way I can get my site out there Shorty


Seeing as how you're not contributing anything else to this site, and given our site's firm policy on spam, I'm locking this thread. I can always unlock it if you reverse your behavior and participate without doing so only when it's 100% for personal gain.

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