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wedge question for a new player

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so tomorrow I pick up my new to me only 9 holes played set of callaway clubs. the irons are the diablo edge 4-AW. now I'm still pretty new now I know they will come with irons 4-9 and I'm assuming that the AW is an approach wedge. but not sure if they will have other wedges in the set but I will tomorrow. my question to you all is there more wedges that a beginner might need? I know I see a lot of talk on wedges and I know that they are needed but what would be someplace to start with as far as say a 56* 58* 60* and so on? or should I wait a while and see what happens on the course for a bit. still trying to get info and relearn myself on what each club should be used for and at what distances and so on
the set I am picking up tomorrow I think was a fantastic deal and has way more clubs that I think I have ever had in the past. so I'm just trying to get some info on it all before I just go on a golf buying binge
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I have used a 50 from all over with in 100 yards with great results. Find your swing, own it. Only then worry about the club.

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Generally, sets billed as 4-AW (or GW) also include a Pitching Wedge. The D.Edge short-club lofts are:


9i = 40* | PW = 44* | GW = 49* | SW = 54* | LW = 59*


For an additional wedge, definitely add a SW, either from the Edge set or another model. (You might have to hunt around for and Edge SW, if that's what you want.)


Others may disagree, but you might want to avoid the LW until you have been playing awhile. Because of its very high loft, it requires a different swing tempo than your other irons.


Here's specs for the Diablo Edge irons: http://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/irons-diablo-edge/irons-diablo-edge,default,pd.html?cgid=iron-sets

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It's tough to say whether you should add other wedges beyond the set you're buying or not, as it sounds like you're just starting out.  I generally do suggest that beginners get a SW, but that is also a little hypocritical as I didn't use a SW the first few years I played.  I used a PW for everything 120 and in.  You may want to get to a range that has demo or used clubs so you can mess around with chipping with your PW & AW, and demo a SW and see if it makes a difference at the moment.


Regardless what you decide, practicing chipping and pitching will be the key.


If you do wind up wanting to pick up a SW, try out as many as you can.  Your clubs don't all have to be the same brand, etc.  (Not that anyone is saying that at all, but I just thought I'd mention it).  The wedges currently in my bag are: Titleist Vokey SM4 52* & 56*, and Cleveland 588 60*.  The Titleist wedges fit my full swing best, but the Cleveland 588 around the green is best for that part of my game.


Good luck!

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I carry 5 wedges, from LW to PW (LW, SW, Gap 1, Gap 2, and PW).   The short game is where one can score lower with relatively easy practice regimen.  The more wedges you have, the finer golf you can play around green.   I highly recommend that you get SW, LW, and Gap wedges if you want to improve you short game and the score. 


If you are worrying about going over 14 clubs, by gripping down on iron, you don't need all the irons, especially the long ones.   This is truer for a beginner. So, feel free to make the trade to put more wedges in your bag.   At least, give it a try.  As you get better, you are going to want more wedges.  Trust me on that.

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Nice story about 5 wedges. RKIM.

But a beginner player with a lob wedge not a good idea.

I should add a SW for greenside bunkers and play with

that. when your ball striking is getting decent you can think off

getting a lob wedge. Or at least you know where the yardage gap is

in the set. I carry only 3 wedges and play fine with my set. I still get better

and i don't feel the need to carry another wedge

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Originally Posted by tomvk77 View Post


But a beginner player with a lob wedge not a good idea.


Yes, it is a hard club to master and a beginner should think twice before adding it to bag.  


Same thing could be said of driver but that deserves a new thread a2_wink.gif.

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thanks for the replies fellas. i would like to get a sand wedge and ill have to look around and see what i can find. 

really need to work on my short game pretty bad and would like to have the sand wedge to at least that club in the bag as well.

thanks for all the info.

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My suggestion for Champ198 would be to hunt up a 56* sand wedge 12* + bounce and then practice practice practice with it. http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video

I would see if I could find a used stick. Not sure where you are, but Golfsmith and some other chain stores have used clubs, and often there are used clubs for sale in pro shops at the local course. After you are pretty decent with that wedge you will be in a much better position to make decisions about wedge set makeup and you won't be too deeply invested if that particular club doesn't fit in that plan.
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there is a Golf Smith store not to far from me that i was planning on going to sometime soon to take a look at the used rack and see what i can find for a Sand Wedge. its a little bit of a drive but there is some other things i would like to look at as well there and see also if they can give me some info on an instructor so i can take some lessons some time soon.

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Originally Posted by champ198 View Post

there is a Golf Smith store not to far from me that i was planning on going to sometime soon to take a look at the used rack and see what i can find for a Sand Wedge. ...

There's lots of new SWs from a couple of years ago that can be had for $70 or less.

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Personally.... I think even a good golfer can get away with 2 extra Wedges in the bag... i have two Cleveland wedges a 52degree and a 58degree...   My 52 Wedge is flipping awesome!!   for some reason I just hit this wedge really good...  I use my 58 wedge for sand traps right next to a green..     And my 52 wedge i use for everything when i am within 50 yards of the green....   And I got these wedges for about 50$ each and jmo they are pretty nice!  i've even had a few guys tell me that cleveland wedges are really good..

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well I did buy myself another wedge. I bought a 54degree from the callaway pre owned website. I should get it Monday. so next week ill take it out and see how it works for me
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