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Pain in Knee?

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First thread! So I started golfing 3 months ago and I have developed a fierce addiction--I've been golfing 4 times a week for the past several weeks and after playing a round of 18 yesterday I noticed some soreness in my left knee, on a ligament on the right (inside) of the knee. I didn't think it was that bad but now I'm even limping around a bit. So my (many) questions:


Has this ever happened to you? Is this common/normal? Will I continue to experience this issue? I'm supposed to play golf for the first time with a friend/mentor who is very important to me, would it be a bad idea to play through the soreness?


I know there's a thread to say this but also, greetings from Colorado c5_banana.gif

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If you are having knee pain due to practicing/playing golf, you may have to check your swing form.   You are doing something wrong - too much knee action?   It started to happen to me a few times before and a quick adjustment usually fixed it for me.

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Sounds like you may have tweaked your MCL a bit. There is definitely something wrong with your swing if you are able to put that much lateral stress on your left knee. A more common knee injury is an ACL strain or meniscus tear from over torqueing on the left knee during contact and follow through.


If it is causing a limp, see your doctor and have it checked out.

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Thanks guys, I'll get it checked out this afternoon.


About the swing though, should I post a video of my swing to identify what I can tweak to keep this injury from happening again?

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