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Some Things Never Change...

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So, yesterday, I played the qualifying round for our Club Championship. Unfortunately, I got bumped from Flight C (16.0+) to Flight B (10.0 - 15.9) because there weren't enough entries for Flight C. Because I got away from the game for awhile, my handicap is on the rise. I'm currently up to a 17.9, but will likely be in the 18.6 range after the next revision.

Anyway... I teed off early yesterday and, despite a 4 putt double bogey on the first hole... I rebounded and shot a 43 on the front side. I was very pleased with that, and figured if I could just shoot a 45 on the back side, I'd end up with a very good score. I've never been able to break 90 on this particular course... so I was pretty excited about that prospect.

That excitement didn't last long. I began the back nine going bogey - bogey - double - bogey. On the 14th tee, I told myself I just needed to hit a 4 iron... but carried the 4 iron and my 3 wood to the tee. I got up and talked myself into the 3 wood... but never fully accepted that, and I topped it about 80 yards into the left rough. I had 216 to the pin from there, and the ball was sitting up... so I pulled the 3 wood again. This time, I yanked it dead left into the woods... never to be seen again. I ended up with a triple on that hole.

A 3 putt bogey on the 15th was followed by yanking 2 drivers OB into the woods off the 16th tee, resulting in a 9 on a par 4. I finished out bogey - par for a 51.

That gave me a qualifying score of 94. Not sure if I'll qualify at all (only top 16 for the flight make it)... and if I DO qualify, I'm sure I'll be a very high seed, which means I'll likely have to go heads up against someone who's playing much better golf than I am right now... so I'm fully expecting to be one-and-done.

Oh well...

This week, I play in a tournament using 90% of my handicap beginning on Tuesday. My hope is to shoot around 90 which would put me at even par, net. That would at least get me beyond the cut and onto the second round on Thursday. Then, IF I qualified... I'll be playing the first round of match play on Saturday.

Driver will be staying in the bag for much of the golf. I've been hitting my 4 iron off the tee to about 210 yards... most of the time will leave me 175 or less to the green. My driver is too much of a liability right now.

Lots of golf for me this week. Let's see if I can figure this all out.

... til Tuesday!

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i feel your pain -- i took the driver out of the bag long ago for similar reasons, and even went through a brief period earlier this season where i played irons only (left the woods in my car so i wouldn't be tempted to talk myself into hitting them).  it boosted my confidence tremendously hitting fairway after fairway, and also got me back to basics, finding my tempo, etc.  after trying out a couple 3woods over the last month, i found one that works (and how!!) and i played the best round of my life yesterday.


best of luck this week -- hope you find your groove.  might be tough to take the woods out of the bag completely for a tourney, but might be worth it for a practice round or two afterward.

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been there...Some times the driver can be a liability to your game. You may start looking at the tee boxes though,  if you stand behind the tee markers and look at them one tee marker will usually be lower than the other.Some times they are crowned or dipped. For a good drive you need to find level ground, like the artificial tees at most driving ranges these days. I started to have the same feeling on Friday when I couldn't drive worth crap(and I'm still strugglin') Listen as well...a practice swing "tink" is good...a "swoosh" means draw or fade. Good Luck..John

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Thanks guys!  I know that I don't necessarily NEED a driver... or even a 3 wood.  The course is short enough (6,417 yards) that I could probably tee off with my 4 iron on every hole... but I feel like there are some holes that I need a driver to clear trouble.  The problem is that using the driver brings other trouble into play.  So... it's a bit of a conflict.


Anyway... I got word that I qualified 13th, so... at least I made it to the second round.  I'm playing the #4 seed who is a 16.0 handicap right now, but he posted an 85 in the qualifying round, so... I don't quite know what to expect.  That match will be played on Saturday.


Tomorrow (weather providing), I play in the first round (of two) of the County Men's Amateur tournament.  I'm playing in the net division... and I'll have an adjusted course handicap of 18 for the round.  Top 64 and ties move on to the second round on Thursday, so... we'll see how things play out.



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Yeah, so... nothing really went as planned.  The rain caused the tournament to be moved to another course in the complex.  It's a 36 hole course, and we were supposed to be playing the White and Blue nines.  Instead, we got moved to the White and Gold nines.  I have major problems with the Gold course and I immediately got into my own head.


First hole I made a bogey while needing 3 putts from 40 feet.  Next hole I got back that stroke by chipping in for birdie... which made me 2 under net par at that point.  Then, everything fell apart.


I went into it saying I'd play safe.  So, the 3rd hole is about 385 yards and slightly downhill.  I knew that a 4 iron would leave me about 185 to a wide open green.  I came directly across the ball and blew it into the woods.  Provisional ended up in the left rough beneath a tree, so I had to punch a 5 iron under that.  I pushed it right, it caught the cart path and settled to the right of the green, short-siding me.  I then flubbed 2 consecutive chips before knocking 1 almost across the green.  I needed 3 putts (again) from only 27 feet for a remarkable 10 on a very easy par 4.


I then closed out the front side going Triple - Triple - Bogey - Par - Quad - Triple for a 56 that put me 11 over net par.  Along the way, I lost 2 more balls off the tee into the woods (one with a 3 wood and the other with a 4 iron) and had to take an unplayable drop after another poor tee shot with my 4 iron.  This is the same club that I felt so 'safe' with on Saturday.


Things were slightly better on the back.  I started out with an up & down from 81 yards to save par.  Added another 3 putt bogey from 27 feet.  Made back-to-back pars before having to settle for a bogey on the 5th hole after a poor drive forced me to punch out and I obliterated a sand wedge (typically a 60 yard club) 85 yards over the green.  


The 6th hole I hit a poor drive but got away with it.  It left me 220 uphill to the middle of the green from a poor lie in the left rough.  I somehow carried my 18 degree hybrid 235 long and left.  The lie was ugly with a giant clump of grass sitting against the back of the ball.  I had no choice but to hack at it and hope.  It came out low and scooted across the green.  From there I needed 4 more shots (including 3 putts) to get the ball in the hole for a triple bogey.


Made par on the 7th hole followed by another triple bogey on the 8th.  I hit a good drive but then yanked my 18 degree hybrid way left into some trees.  I couldn't find the ball, so played another with the hybrid to the right side of the fairway.  I hit an ugly 9 iron short and right... flopped a 56 degree wedge over the bunker to 16 feet and 2 putted to close out the hole.


The final hole I was so fed up that I tried to kill a driver over the creek.  I hooked it badly and the ball crashed into a tree and dropped down.  I had a tree directly in front of me and a pond to carry to the green.  I punched a 6 iron across the fairway into the right rough.  Lobbed another 56 degree wedge onto the green and 2 putted from 31 feet for a 45 which worked out to an even net par back side.  


Overall, I shot 101 - 18 for a net 83.  The leaders were at net 69, both of which were in my group.  I played my way out of the tournament on the first day.  I now have a 7:10am tee time on Thursday where I will begin 14 shots off the lead with no shot at all.  My goal has now shifted towards shooting somewhere near a net 67 on day 2, which would put me at +9 for the tournament and hopefully into at least the Top 20 for the tournament.  


We are playing the 2nd round on a course I have not played in about 18 years.  Should be an interesting round, for sure.


My 'tournament' focus is now on the 1st round of the match play Club Championship.  My tee time for that got moved to Friday morning... so hopefully I'll be able to carry over the solid back nine play from Tuesday for the next few days.



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