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first 9 holes today in over 2 years

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its been over 2 years since i played last time. so today started out on the driving range to make sure i could even still hit a ball. well the driving range went pretty good. tried to hit most all of the clubs i have now. did pretty decent but was pushing the ball off right pretty good. wasnt really a slice as it really didnt have a curve to it. the ball was pretty well straight but just off to the right. but for the most part i was fairly happy most of the time.


so went out on the course and the majority of my hits were pretty good for my skill level i think. tried to keep accurate track as well as i could playing by myself. out of 9 holes for 35 i shot a 66..not the best by any means but for me i dont think its too bad at all. had 3 holes that were an honest Double bogie. 

had some decent putting on the green as well my best putt was one about 15' and stupid me i left the flag in...well my 15' putt nailed the flag pole right dead on and didnt go in. i know if i would have had the flag out it would have been a one shot putt.


most putts were 2 putts with a couple 3 putts. 

like i said not the best by any means but for me i am ok with it. at least i know what i have to work with and what i need to work on. and im going to keep working on it. my short game is horrible i know that. i had one hole that is a par 3 and the black tee is 176 yards i think if i can remember. i took it conservativly and hit a 5 iron off the tee. came up about 15 yards from the green with a bunker between the green and the ball. so tried to pitch it over and on the green...which i did and hit it too hard and it rolled all the way to the other side of the green and up on a hill on the other side in the rough. so grabbed the pitching wedge again and had a little better hit then but still was more striking the ball than getting under it to get it up in the air. then went for a 2 putt for a double bogie. so i know muy shirt game needs work.


also had some good shots off the tee box with the driver..not long balls maybe 175 yards or so but fairly straight with just a little push to the right like normal. got to get that worked on as well. but for the most part i was fairly happy with my first time back on the course. cant wait till the next one.

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Grats on getting back into the game! It is a hard game and takes a good bit of effort, but it sounds like you have a pretty good attitude.

I tend always to recommend lessons, but that is because lessons have helped me a lot on my own quest to take the game up after many years off. Even with lessons you will have to practice. As a matter of fact if you don't the cost of the lessons is a waste. But with some training your practice can become much more focused and your progress should be much faster. I suspect a lot of people where you are now that decide to 'save money' by skipping the lessons end up quitting from frustration.
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I do hope to take some lessons sometime but not sure when and where to get them at haven't really looked into it yet but I do plan to. also hopeing next year that ill be able to afford to buy a membership to out country club where I can play at any time I want and as much as I want that will help also I know.
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