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Keys to consistent ball position?

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I've become convinced that one of the reasons for my inconsistent play is inconsistency in ball position, primarily distance from the ball. For those of you that are better players and tend to be fairly consistent, what are your keys to insure that you are a consistent distance from the ball, given that the lengths of the clubs vary and therefore so does the distance? Thanks.
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Best way I've found is to try to maintain a consistent distance between the butt of your club and your body.
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Routine.. If the ball is in the center of a clock, 12 pointing down the target line, then i walk in from the ball around 7-8. What i will do is, place the clubhead down behind the ball with one hand on the club. Then take my stance. This gives me a yardstick to keep good distance between me and the ball.

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Not sure if I qualify as a "better player." I do practice well.


I use a $5 yardstick on the range. I know the correct distances for my swing and often (not as often as I should) lay a yardstick and and alignment rod (marked for how far apart my feet should be for each club) on the range. This "hitting station" helps me groove the correct feeling for each club.


My Moe Norman swing has training aids that I also use (a ball position alignment board) that help me practice the correct setup for my swing.

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What I have always done is set up to the ball and grip it only with my left hand and then place my right hand between me and the grip. I touch my pants with my pinky finger and touch the back of the grip with my thumb. I make a "call me" sign with my hand and that creates consistent set up position away from the ball.


Let me know if this helps...

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I am in the same boat. Found something researching that said get your posture, line the clubface on the ball and let your right arm dangle straight from your shoulder with no control from you. Move it straight over to the club and that's how far you should be. Set the left hand acordingly. Seems to be working although it makes me closer to the ball but seems more powerful position. I am a semi- hacker though so just passing on a way I found online that seems to be pretty easy to get consistent distance from the ball.
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I was recently told to check my 'gate' before every swing.


Apparently I was guilty of trapping my hands in close to where my knees were & my chest, so now I ensure my hands have a sizeable distance between them before every swing. This has greatly improved my consistency

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