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3 hybrid or 7 wood??

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Looking for some advice 


I have been contemplating switching out my 3h for a 7 wood.  I dont really hit the hybrid well, I do however seem to hit my 5 wood pretty good.


Should I try a 7 wood or just stick with the 3h??

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Assuming there isn't some equipment misfit reason (such as the wrong shaft or a bad grip) that is causing your 3H troubles, I'd try the 7W.

In fact, if there's a club you don't hit well, and there's a similar club you believe you will hit well, I'd make the change, all other things being equal.
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My 3h is a ping g20... i was fitted for the set so it shouldnt be the shaft... The 5 wood is a g20 as well, that's why i'm asking... i've never hit a 7 wood before

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By all means, try 7 wood if you do well with 5 wood.   I found that there isn't a significant difference between hybrid and similar length wood and I experimented a lot.   If any, with hybrid, you may work the ball better, especially from rough.

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      Nothing better for hitting out of thick kikuyu grass /ordinary lies in the ruff, my trusty 25 degree Top Flight 7 wood.  Don't leave home without it.

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there is no need to carry a club you don't hit well. If you get the shot for that club well you don't have the confidence that the ball will get there. so i would change for sure.

The part i don't understand is the distance.  a 3hy should have the same or almost the same distance as the 5wd  

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The G20 FWs have lofts of 15* (3W), 18* (5W) and 21* (7W). Shafts lengths are a half-inch apart.


(Do  you carry a 3W?)


Some OEMs make a full line of FWs. Callaway RazrHawk had the same loft combo), so a player could have three FWs and just skip the hybrids.


I refitted with Tour Edge Exotics XRails in June. I got 4W (16.5*) and a 7W (21*), and hit them both well. I also have an Adams V4 22* (4H) which I also like.


The 7W launches higher, and can chop balls out of even medium rough, whereas the 4H has a lower launch (better into wind) and is a bit straighter out of light rough.


I've been thinking about getting the V4 19* (3H), and maybe using it instead of the 7W on windy days, or on flatter courses with lighter rough.


In your case, definitely give the 7W a try. Back about 2002 (pre-hybrid), Golf Digest did a feature on a young PGA tour big hitter (name??) who carried a 4W, and dumped his 2i in favor of a 7W. In the 2004 US Senior Open in St. Louis, about one-third of the players carried a 7W.

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Wait for Adams Tight Lies 2013  7 wood coming out next month or early September - smaller head, more versatile, shorter shaft, dual slots, nice stock shaft.

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Originally Posted by tomvk77 View Post

... The part i don't understand is the distance.  a 3hy should have the same or almost the same distance as the 5wd  


If you look at club spec sheets, a 3H and 5W sometime have about the same loft. But, the 5W often has a shaft an inch longer.


So, in some comparisons, a 3H and 7W would be pretty close in distance.

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I think of the 4H of 21-22 and 40.25-41 inches as the hybrid equivalent of a 7 wood, which traditionally is 21 degrees and 41 inches (but may be 21-22 and 41.5 inches).


Any lower in loft in the 4H and the ball won't get sufficiently high to act like a 7 wood. I love a gooood 7 wood - ball get up high and gets you over trees, and lays softly. I've found the 21.5 deg 4H does not get up as high but is similar in distance. In my typical playing conditions of wind, the 4H is the choice. When it's not windy, a 7 wd at 41 inches is a fine club.

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I would suggest it's a combination of coordinating spec sheets, and trying out the FWs and Hs on head-to-head performance. Here's the specs of the clubs I considered:


 Club  Loft



 XRail 5W  18*  42.0"
 XRail 7W  21*  41.0
 XRail 3H  20*  40.25"
 XRail 4H  23*  39.75"
 Adams V4 3H  19*  40.5"
 Adams V4 4H  22*  39.75"


From these models, it appears 7W is closer to 3H than 4H. But, it might vary with different club models.

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I also read that a wood has a lower cg and a higher moi and cor than an iron like hybrid like the g20 so the wood gets more distance for the same loft and shaft length.
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Couple of thoughts. The G15/G20 series hybrids are often referred to as the "big toe" looking hybrids...Repeatly have read and experienced that they love to be hit like an iron (meaning, lots of shaft lean and striking down on them) vs some hybrids that are meant to be more swept like a FW.


Last year I gave up on trying to play a G15 2h (17*). I spoke to Ping and they suggested somebody with my swing speed (88 mph or so with driver) that my lowest lofted hybrid should be something in the 20-22* range. I agree with them now. Also I prefer to sweep my hybrids and not hit down on them so the G15 was just to conducive to my swing.



Looking at your handicap, the smaller head on the hybrid coupled with the lower loft and longer shaft could be your culprit. I believe at a certain point, clubs just get out of range for us higher cap players (I avg around an 89 this season). As far as the 7w, I've wanted to game one for the past 3 seasons, but I can never seem to get a 7w to fit into my arsenal of clubs. For instance I game a K15 5w at 19*. This has been my go to club off the deck for a couple of years now. So its not coming out of the bag. I am a short hitter and can usually hit this 180-190 consistently.


Last season I bought a G15 7w at 21.5* I believe and it was only 5 yds less than my 5w. I preferred the big head of the K15 and stuck with it instead of the 7w and ditched the G15. My next club down from the 5w is a TEE Trilogy 4h at 23*. This club is my 170-175 club. Love it. With my Trilogy hybrid sucess I decided to try an experiment and bought the TEE Trilogy 4w and 7w. Thinking it would be a perfect setup for me.... Trilogy 16.5* 4w, 21* 7w, 23* hybrid. Once again the 7w just never seemed to fit anywhere gap wise. The 7w was marginally longer than the 4h but much more difficult to hit consistently. During testing sessions I found that on a good strike I was able to hit the 7w farther than my k15 5w, so it was definitely a hot club but I was much more consistent with the K15 so I stuck with it..



In the end I decided since the k15 has been so good to me that I finally picked up a 3w to match. So now I play Driver 12*, K15 3w 16*. K15 5w 19*, then the 23* Trilogy hybrid. The gaps are perfect. Good luck in your search.

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