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Where do you buy balls?

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For a while, I had a large stock of nice balls and don't lose balls on the course often. That being said, I haven't bought a box of balls in quite some time. I am starting to get low now and I am wondering where you guys have seen the best prices for all the standard types of balls? Do you know of any websites that have discounted rates? 

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Our local Par 3 sells recycled balls to support the ForeKids program. They group them by brand at $5 for a bag of 25 balls. Thanks a hellova deal for as I was experimenting with different ball types.

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buy the majority of mine at Wal mart but the wife works there so we get a discount.....which is good for as many as I loose LOL
I normally buy the reconditioned balls as well to at least get a decent brand
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i order online.

I'm from the Netherlands so no need to tell you where.

I usually order with my company logo, about 12 dozen at a time

i give them away to business partners also.

I'm searching for a good ball at the moment. so i bought a box Taylormade Penta TP5's

in the local golfshop.

My last big order was Wilson FG Tour balls, still think these are

the best ones i've hit. Would like to try the Mizuno MP S ball. but i can't

buy them here. 

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Usually dickssportinggoods, or golfgalaxy. They are owned by the same parent company. But they tend to have good deals. I always buy last years models that go on sale. Really there isn't much difference year to year in golf tech. Even when nike came out with a new core for there golf ball it wasn't revolutionary. The golf ball is still either Non-Urethane, or Urethane covered. they are either two-piece or multi-piece golf balls.


to me the things that changed are the lower priced golf balls have gotten way better. Use to be premium golf balls or your hitting a rock. Now you got some really good 20-25 dollar per dozen golf balls that can be played by any golfer.

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I usually get a couple dozen a year as gifts, or I find some nice balls on the course from time to time.  When I do buy them, it will usually be when Dick's or Golf Galaxy sends me a $10 coupon which provides a little of a discount.  I typically do get the previous model as well as you save a couple extra dollars.


Currently the Callaway HEX Chrome is on sale at most places for $28.10 (to celebrates Phil's win at the British Open... he shot a 281).  I've played those, they are solid balls.  A couple years when Ernie won, they actually had the HEX Black Tour for $27.30 (I stocked up on a few dozen when that deal was available... they are my favorite, but just a bit too pricy when not on sale $45-ish).


I did buy used, higher grade balls on Amazon one time.  It seemed like a pretty good deal but I would say only really half of the balls were truly "mint" as advertised.  But they were all playable.

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When I am playing in golf tournaments, I start out the round with 2 new golf balls.  For new balls, I buy them at one of the clubs where I play.  For casual rounds of golf or playing practice rounds, I play with balls I have played tournament rounds with already or balls that I have found.  I have bought balls from lostgolfballs.com before.  They do not recondition (repaint) the balls.  They simply have a cleaning process and then grade them.  I have only bought their top grade balls. I always question the term "mint condition".  The balls are usually in very very good condition but "mint" is a stretch. 

I don't like the reconditioned (cleaned and repainted) golf balls.  Where I used to live, it was not uncommon for me to find balls every round.  I kept a bucket of water, soap and bleach mix in the garage.  Balls I would find, I would throw in there stir them for a couple of days and then take'm out and wipe'm off.  Balls that are reconditioned...the paint will come off them by doing this. 

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Costco has a Callaway private labeled ball.  Urethane cover 4 piece ball.  I have been playing them all year.  $24

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Beer is Good.

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Target.  I usually stock up during the winter when golf balls are on sale instead of paying full price during the season.

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Golf Galaxy or www.lostgolfballs.com

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Academy and dicks always have good deals on balls. Got a few boxes of Z-Stars for 19.99 each at academy.
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Golfsmith overrun bins, I bought 24 balls for twenty bucks or I buy reclaimed balls from Sports Authority.

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usually, McSports, golf galaxy or any place i can get a decent deal on them..  


i usually get Wilson's, Maxfli's or something low compression or low spin / distance

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I just bought some Srixon Q-Star online at Amazon.   My wife was ordering a book and needed at least $25 to get free shipping.    I got a dozen for $20 which included the free shipping. 

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Well to be honest I've been out a couple times in the evening so that I can go ball hunting in between playing holes.

I know some on here don't like that and liken it to theft but it is what it is. Because the course I play at is VERY nice there tends to be a high number of good quality balls in the lot I collect so I've got my lot sorted for at least the rest of the summer and autumn.

The other times when I've purchased I've either got them off eBay or somewhere like lake balls dot com.


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I wish I could order from lostballs.com but I'm in Canada and that +20$ shipping is taking away the good deals
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