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Ball spin

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So is it the way you swing or hit the ball that creates backs pin or is it the ball.
How does one back the ball up
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Both the ball and the swing. Some balls spin more than others, but no ball spins like the balls from way back in the day.

If you want spin, you can do it a couple of ways. The first is to "hit down" on the ball. Striking the ball with a descending blow with the low point of the swing arc just after the ball will help create spin with an iron. You can also play a fade to get the ball to stop quicker.

Another way is to open the clubface, specifically with a wedge, and then open your stance to match the degree to which you opened your clubface. Then swing along your toe-line.
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So is it the way you swing or hit the ball that creates backs pin or is it the ball.
How does one back the ball up



1) Ball with a Urethane cover will spin more than a non-Urethane cover. Meaning, premium golf balls spin more


2) you must have a clean golf club. Grooves don't increase friction. This is a myth. There like tire tred, they keep friction when there's debris or water on the face. Metal is Metal, it has a constant friction, unless something else is on the fact, like grass. This is why when the V-grooves came out, the spin from the fairway hardly changed, but the spin from the rough was dramatic.


3) you must have good golf greens. Faster the greens the more spin you will get. Slower the greens the less spin. Pro's are able to back up a wedge because there greens are perfect and run from a 12-14 on the stimp. You get a public course running 8-9's, and there not rolled, then your not going to get much backspin. Think of it this way. Harder the greens the less energy will be taken out of the ball at impact. Meaning less rotation taken off the ball. The reason you see the pro's get that one big hop and then it jerks back. That impact takes enough translational velocity of the ball, and rotational velocity is not greater, so it will back up.


How do you get this then, Solid contact. Hit the ball first with high clubhead speed.


Trackman has spin rate at (2.3 to 3.0) * Clubhead speed * spin loft

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I have heard that grooves don't enhance spin from the fairway but they seem to for me. With a new wedge, the grooves leave gouges on the cover and I find little whites shards of white urethane left in the grooves. When that happens the ball spins like crazy.

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