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One year my buddy was golfing with his fiance, his drive on one hole ended up behind a maintenance barn. If he opened up the doors on both sides of the barn he had a clear shot at the green. He had his fiance open the doors and he took his shot. The ball ricocheted off a door and hit his fiance in the temple, killing her on the spot.


A year later he and I were golfing that same hole, he had finally gained the courage to play the course again for the first time since the incident... and he ended up in the SAME EXACT spot! Tears started pouring out of his eyes, and I asked him if he wanted to talk about it. He told me, "Last time I played this hole, I carded a triple bogey!!!".


Dangerous stuff out there!


On a more serious note. Living in the mountains we have a lot of steep cart paths and fairways. Steep wet fairways and drunk cart drivers can be pretty scary.

Sheesh - I started reading this and was thinking, "There is no fricken way..." :doh: