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I like to call this the Phil Mickelson shot.


5th hole 510 yard par 5, with a severe uphill dogleg left, to a green that's perched on a hill (It was so uphill that they had a flagstick that was double the height of a normal one, just so you could see it!). I'm about 120 yards away from the green for my 3rd shot and I can barely see the tall flag. I hit an 8I over the green into a pine forest. I end up finding the ball and the situation was bad. I'm in "pine needle rough" (like what Mickelson had at the 2010 Masters) and my ball about a foot left of a tree truck AND I'm 15 yards away from the hole, which is at least 10 feet higher than me.


I'm a lefty, so I cannot hit the shot normally. Instead, I take my PW, flip it, and play the shot right-handed (Like what Mickelson did at Quail Hollow in 2010). I hit the shot perfectly and the ball landed softy on the green, about 6 feet from the hole. I made the putt for my luckiest par ever.

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Very short Par 3 - 100 yards. Elevated tee.


I step up to the ball, don't align myself well at all, rush the shot, and wasn't focused enough. It sets off way left but there is no chance of this ball coming round like a fade. It's heading right up in that big grey sky where there are a number of trees, bushes, rough and close to OB. I'm already thinking, this is treble bogey or back to the tee for a provisional. 


I lose sight of the ball and open my ears for that oh so common clunk any fellow hacker may recognise from a rogue ball clipping a tree, then another clunk follows it, by a more brisly sound of rough grass - the ball then comes out at a decent speed rolls now over the green landing 5 ft from the hole. I sink the birdie.

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This happened to be earlier this month. It was my first time playing this course in Oxnard, and after a mediocre first nine, I hit greens 10 and 11 in regulation. #12 is a par-5 with water short of an elevated green; I hit my drive into a fairway bunker, an iron out, and had a six iron left to the green. I guess I didn't focus on the shot or something, because I hit a real worm burner - I started walking, figuring I'd have to drop and get up and down from 75 yards for a bogey. The ball skipped three or four times across the water and hit the rocks at the other end of the water, jumped high in the air, and landed 10-12 feet from the pin.

One of my friends that I was playing with was a good 75 yards from me when this happened and I could hear him say "you have got to be kidding me!" as far away as I was.

I missed the putt and didn't hit another green in regulation the rest of the round. Fun day though!
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