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I got a 10 today on a par 4...does that count for anything?  It has a 1 in it c2_beer.gif

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Just wanted to share my experience. I have been playing golf for almost 2 years now. I spend as much time on the driving range as I can (at least once a week), took a couple of lessons to get the basic errors out and read a lot about golf in general.
Living in Bangkok I am fortunate to play on some fantastic courses.

In the weekends we kind of scope the different courses. One of them has a par 3 of 120 yards to the front of the green over water. On the range I can easily reach that distance with my iron 9, but when the water kicks in so do the nerves and after a few misses I decided to go with the 8.

During the week we play night golf at Summit and last night it was busy. Every hole we had to wait for at least 5 minutes and at the back nine there were 3 groups waiting in front of us to tee-off. Arriving at the 12. A par 3 over water as well we had to sit down for about 10 minutes for our turn. Pin was at 125 yards, so the iron 8 came out of my bag. (Caddy came first with a PW ).

There were another 2 groups waiting behind us, so while getting ready at the tee the nerves came up again. I was just thinking of getting the ball onto the green. It was a sweet strike in a straight line towards the flag. The ball landed around 2 yards in front and started to roll towards the hole and suddenly it was gone. I thought it went over the green until my buddy shouted Hole in one. Also my caddy could not believe it until we got to the green.

Best part is that I had to fill out some forms and in a month or so they will give me a certificate as well as a trofee??? This will be a nice memory. I gave the ball to my caddy (was for her also the first time she witnessed one) and also a very nice tip.

This night will be a sweet memory. At least until the next time when I strike the water.

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Got a deuce on a par 4 the other day, laser said 112 to the stick one hop and in.

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