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If you were new to the game

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which do you think would affect your game more....playing in front of another group or playing WITH two strangers?


The other day a dad and his daughter(maybe 12-15 years old I would guess) were the tee time ahead of my dad and I(31 year old for clarification)  The father approached us and said we could join them that they were newbies and would probably take a while, but I declined because I didn't want them to feel pressure.

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Depends on the person. Some people get all worried about what other people think. I usually don't care. Honestly when i was younger and new to the game i am the same now. I was totally into my own golf game, couldn't care less what other's thought of me. If i hit a big slice, i was more upset with myself, than what other people thought of my game.


Honestly if the guy asked, and if he didn't sound like he was just being nice to ask, then he probably wasn't pressured, and you thinking otherwise was probably a bad assumption, but i doubt any harm was done in you saying no. If a guy is asking a question expecting a certain answer, then he should just demand you play with them instead of asking the question.

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I would think hitting in front of someone.  Might feel rushed. And you never got to know the folks you were hitting in front of.

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Meltd, thats what ended up making me think about it.  The young girl seemed kind of rushed but I wouldn't have thought it'd been any better if we joined them.  My dad also has issues with playing with strangers so I always decline invites when playing with him even though I hate coming off like a tool-bag. 

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I hate hitting in front of other people.  I feel very rushed.  After this past weekend, I made the resolution that if anyone comes up behind me, I'm going to let them play through.  I just can't enjoy myself when I feel like I'm holding someone else up.  Even though I'm very introverted and uncomfortable around strangers, when I have joined other singles or groups, I have been more relaxed.  I say, "just so you know, I just started playing this year" and they've all been cool with that and I'm more relaxed when I play.  So far, the people I've played with have been very friendly and supportive.

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When I first started playing golf, having played a couple of other sports and was good at both, I was more concerned about how bad I played than who I was playing in front of or with.  If someone asked me to join them, back then I would usually tell them what I normally shot and ask, "Are you sure you want me to join?". 

I hated playing bad golf, still do.  I worked very hard at golf to get to where I was not ashamed to play with better players.  I actually enjoy playing golf with people who are way better than me.  But, way back when, I could not afford lessons but loved to play.  I learned a lot by watching better players.  I would pick up things they did and then go to the range and practice them to see if it worked for me. 

I have never been a slow player.  Back when, I could shoot a 100 and still do it in 4 hours or less if not being held up.  So, never was worried about holding people us playing in front of them or with them if I was shooting a monster number.

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My wife and I took our dads golfing on Father's Day which both of them loved. First time golfing and she rocketed the ball off the tee with no former training or playing. Sometimes, I am just flabbergasted how good she is at things without trying. I try to work hard and she is like just swinging away (straight down the fairway I might add a5_crying.gif ) but she what is worse is that she is like I don't really like playing golf. What?! You shoot well, putt great and you don't like it? Whatever, anyway, back to comment she said she liked having people behind us all day because she is very impatient so it helped everyone move along.
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