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My Swing (Swerox)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ About a year. 

My current handicap index or average score is: 17.7

My typical ball flight is: Straight but a bit low.

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Inconsistent ball striking with irons.


Hi everyone!

Im new to the forums and haven´t contributed much yet. Will definitely do that as my knowledge of the game gets better though. 


Now to the swing:

Im currently working on keeping my head still as I believe this affects my poor ball striking. 

Im also struggling with squaring the face at impact which results in occasional hooks and slices.

Do you guys have any suggestions for other things that need improving?


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Swing looks great!  You could play much better than a 17.7 with a little work for sure.


Biggest thing I see is a really nice setup and back swing, but then just no hip movement at all on the down swing.  Instead of getting your weight forward you're mostly just posting up and spinning in place.  Take a look at this thread:




You also dip your head a bit on the back swing but it doesn't move front or back noticeably so personally I think the hip thing is more important.  Getting the weight forward at impact is really key.


I like the short stroke.  Everything looks in control.  Might want to lengthen it out just a tad eventually, but I like it.  Also, you're setting the ball up way back in your stance, almost like opposite the recommended driver setup with it just off your back foot.  That will contribute to low ball flight for sure.

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Thanks for your advice!

I have done some reading on the way the hips should move(great thread you linked to) but I just cant seem to grasp it.

I personally feel as if I have a little more weight on the right foot at the end of the back swing (about 60%-40% maybe).

First thing I then do in the down swing is to slide the hips slightly left so that the weight is distributed evenly on booth feet.

Then the hips start turning. While they turn they also continue sliding left.

Isnt that exactly what Tiger does here?:  


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