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Have you Achieved - Even Par, Hole-in-One, Both, or Neither ???

Poll Results: Even Par, Hole-in-One, Both or Neither

  • 16% (8)
    Even Par (full length, par 70+)
  • 10% (5)
    Hole in One
  • 24% (12)
  • 48% (24)
49 Total Votes  
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As a spinoff of the thread about even par vs. hole in one, tell us which of the two, if either you have done. For the purpose of this poll, only include even par rounds shot no full length, non-executive courses or par 3 courses. 

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I still have yet to get both. Closest I got to a hole-in-one is a foot. Lowest I've ever shot was a 79. 

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Both here.


Both of mine happened in the same general time frame (late 90's) in San Diego.  I have a box at home with the balls and scorecards in the garage somewhere.  Hole in one was a 145 PW at Cottonwood golf course (Ivanhoe #4) in El Cajon.  Even par round (actually -1) was at Bonita Golf Club in Bonita (near Chula Vista).  It was a pretty easy course and we played the white tees all the time back then.  According to their scorecard online right now it is 5,797 yards, 67.3/115, par 71.  I was doing a good job of not paying too much attention to my score, and on the 18th green I had a birdie putt of some 15 feet that I thought was for an even par round.  Not until after I made it and did the adding did I realize it was for -1. :)


With my recent improvements, I really hope to someday soon acheive the even par round again, and then the next barrier after that will be a round in the 60's.  If it never happens, so be it, but it's the current long term goal. :)


In the last year I have a round of +2 where I was even after 14, and a round of +4 where I was even after 13, as well as a round of +6 where I had a birdie putt of about 8 feet to get to even on 14.


Maybe I should lobby golf courses to shorten to 14 holes, and then I'd be golden?!?!?!

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And according to another thread, the odds for even par for me are 84,300:1.

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I shot my first even-par round about 2 months ago. I remember the feeling after finishing the 18th hole was like no other! I have yet to conquer the hole-in-one. I have come very close several times, but it just never drops in there. 

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Both, with the even par round coming first.   I might have an even/under round about once every third year with a total of 2 aces in the same time span.

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Neither, but I seldom play 18 holes.  

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Never even in the same area code of an even par round, but I have made a hole-in-one.  Mine came on a 120 yard hole with a pitching wedge back in April of 2010.  Since then... nothing even close.  Since that ace, the closest I've come is 8 feet on 3 occasions and 9 feet on another occasion (based on my Scorecard program).


Not exactly good considering the fact that the majority of the par 3's I play are between 135 and 170 yards.



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I've done both, but would like to shoot even par with 18 pars
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Originally Posted by BufflaoJones View Post

I've done both, but would like to shoot even par with 18 pars


That would be interesting. As far as I can remember, I only have a handful of rounds that did not have a hole over par. The most recent was last summer, I went 17 for 18 GIR. The one missed green was because my drive went too far and into the water. Took a drop and hit an 8 iron to about 3 feet and made the par. 


I have two aces. The first came on a 115 yard hole at a para 3 course in the Florida Keys. I hit a gap wedge and slam dunked it. We thought it had flown the green, and I couldn't believe it because the yardage felt perfect. The guys on the tee box behind the hole started freaking out.


The second came in the summer of 2009. 165 yard, hole tucked behind a bunker. I told myself I needed to land it just over the bunker if I wanted to get it close. I hit a high draw with an 8, the ball landed about 3 feet on the green, I couldn't see the bottom of the pin, but I didn't see the ball role out from behind the mound, so I knew it was close. Got to the green to see there was no ball on the green. I was playing by myself, but fortunately there were guys on the next tee box waiting to hit and saw it go in. 

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One or both would be nice, I think I have a better chance at a hole in one then hitting par any time soon.d1_bigcry.gif

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Neither -


Hole in One - I've had a couple tap-ins for birdie just this year, but nothing that's fallen in yet.

Frankly, an Eagle on a Par 4 or 5 is more important to me than a hole in one (stringing more shots than just one lucky drive together seems a bigger accomplishment even if it's not the glamour shot).


Even par on a 'legit' 18 hole round - Even par on 9 holes.... a couple times (but both those were low par courses - strange, because I'm worse on the Par 3's than the longer holes.)  But doing it on 18 is a seriously more difficult feat regardless of the course par.......  This might take longer as my handicap is floating between 8 and 9 and not really moving down that fast lately.  I have hit 19 under par on 18 holes on the WII Sports Resort Course.

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 I've made a double eagle but never a hole in 1 and I've shot 1 over numerous times but those 2 have alluded me. Looking fwd to doing them both, hopefully soon

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No holes in one. Still hoping.


Have had a couple of rounds with no dropped shots. Feels good man. 

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Never had a even round, I was -1 through 9 and -2 through 12 in one round (ended up with a 77) and that felt pretty good until I blew it on 13 and 14.
I had my first hole in one three weeks ago with a 177 yd 7i and I have to say that the feeling was absolute elation although I think I would still rather shoot even par.
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Both with the hole-in-one coming first, had HIO when I was a junior golfer.  


Had several rounds either at par or under, last under par round was 71 (-1) (72.7, 134) back in July.

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I buy lotto tickets and I believe I have a better chance at winning its grand prize than scoring an even par on a legit 18 hole course with fair slope/rate.    I probably have a shot at getting a hole in one given that I came close (within inches) on several occasions.  

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Couldn't vote for some reason, but put me in the 'neither' category for sure. Don't know if I'll ever shoot even par, but a hole-in-one is probably more likley give the fact I have 4 opportunities on each 18-hole round and literally NO oppty to shoot even par ... EVER!

I though the hole-in-one was coming by way a couple of years ago when a) a guy in my 4-some holed an ace; b) I witnessed THREE more aces the same season.

Still waiting on mine!

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