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For the last 2 seasons I have been using the Golf Pride VDR grips in red. The beginning of the season I tinkered with a 2 different grips. After some cash spent I went back to my favorite grip. Now I am.finding that at my local Golfsmith they are not on stock and haven't been for over a month. My issue is I need to.regrip.2 clubs. 5 iron and driver. I guess my question is are these grips really in demand? Besides me I never seem anyone using them on the course.
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My favorite grip for the past 4 years or so.  I just got new clubs and instead of the company logo'd grips, I paid up for these.  They are just awesome.  Luckily, my local golf shop has plenty in stock.

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Very durable and mid priced.
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Love these grips. Unfortunately I made the mistake of getting them in white, and they got dirty very fast, but anyway the VDRs are nice grips.
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