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Originally Posted by chdduncan View Post

I am wondering what is the best score you have shot and what you were feeling that day? Was it calmness, confidence? What do you think contributed to that feeling?


I want to see what attributes to playing the best golf of your life and your exact feelings during that round.


I personally shot a 66 at my home course. I felt a kind of numbness to doubt and whether or not I was going to hit the next shot into the water or O.B. I felt really focused on the task at hand and my pre-shot routine just felt like it was the exact routine for me. I felt in tune with my swing and my feel of the course. Not to mention I visualized my shots like never before. It was like a movie playing in my head.


What I think contributed to the amazing game I played was my practice session before I got to the first tee. Its a practice session I have used since that day. It goes something like this...


1. Get a large bucket of balls and set up at the range.

2. Stretch for about 5 min

3. Hit 5 golf balls with every club in my bag. 2 soft, 1 medium, 1 hard, 1 medium. (I do that to feel what 80% is)

4. I do whats called the "clock drill" with my wedges and practice at 7, 9, 10 and 11 o clock. (I do this for distance control)

5. I then hit 5 shots with my 6 iron to see my yardages. ( some days are further and some days are shorter)

6. I move to the putting green and chip 10 golf balls to 3 locations. short, medium and long distance.

7. Then I putt with 3 golf balls to short, medium and long range holes to get the feel of the greens

8. I go play.


This is what I do every day and it gives me amazing confidence before I even tee up on the first hole. It sure gets rid of the first tee jitters. 

Going to give your pre round routine a go, I often struggle over first 4-5 holes and like to warm up this seems like a good routine.

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Best round (lately) was 4 over.  (on what I call a 'real' course.  I've done better at a local 'easy' track, but hard to accept that place as something I count)


Boring golf, just a lot of pars.  Missed every single 'reasonable' birdie putt I gave myself, actually (8 putts for birdie. I track putts under 20 feet as 'opportunities' and track hits and misses on those).  That's a lot of chances for me and I blew them all.


I didn't even know I had a good round until I was done and added up the score card. - Blissful ignorance and a good day help a ton.  So that's how I felt that day.  Just grinding away and really calm and confidence standing in the fairway.



So my approach game was really on - every bad drive (not a lot of those either - was followed with a great 2nd shot).  So really good on FH and outstanding on GIR (and reasonable on up and downs), but not my best putting day.

bogies on half the Par 3's - I seem to hit irons better off the fairway than from a tee box.....



I'm really excited for that day when everything comes together at the same time.  If I was putting good that day ......  (coulda, woulda, shoulda, but it's nice to imagine)

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My best round of golf was an 87 a couple months ago.  I've only played that course twice and I shot an 87 and 89 which are two of my lowest scores.  I really just like the course and my driver seems to work for me there better than other courses.  I also recall hitting a birdie during that round as birdies aren't too common for me.  I hit my tee shot into the rough, missing the fairway by about 20 yards and somehow managed to hit a pitching wedge within 2 feet of the hole for a birdie.  That could have easily been a bogey hole.  


I recall being only 1 over par through the first 5 holes and feeling on top of the world about it.  That included the birdie so it went something like par, bogey, bogey, par, birdie.  


Even in my best round I hit several double bogeys.  If my chipping was better I would have been looking at low 80s but my chips didn't always leave me near enough to 1-putt.  Occasionally I will still chip it over the whole green or leave it short which has to be eliminated.


My ideal warm up routine is this:


-arrive 45 minutes early

-hit medium bucket using all clubs

-putt around the green

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Shot an 87 at one of my local courses.


I was just killing it. At one point I was laughing, because I was just playing like a scratch golfer through a stretch. 400 yard par 4, BOMBED a drive straight down the center, then hit my wedge to 12 feet. Sunk the putt for birdie like it was nothing. Following hole, 205 yard par 3, drill the green and 2 putt for par, then after that, dogleg left par 4...drill a drive down the middle, wedge to the green and sink a 20 footer for birdie. -2 through 3 holes. I just started laughing.


Unfortunately I followed that up with a quintuple bogey lol.

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1 over for 9 in my Monday league and 79 for 18 at another course.  Both times I only warmed up my body by swinging with weights on the club and stretching.  Then a couple of chips, pitches and putts to get a feel of the greens.  I was very relaxed during the rounds and the ball just seemed to fly the way I wanted it too.  I felt focused and was having fun.


It is sometimes tough in my league to get relaxed because we rush from work right to the course.  The retired guys have warmed up and a itching to get out, so I don't always get warm up time.

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Recently played +3 on back to back nights of 9 hole golf, 36/39. On the night I shot even par for 9 to put it best is to say I felt extremely lucky. Sadly the first night combined with a much higher 9 hole score so the affect on my index was minimal.

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Best round?   For me that is a difficult question. Best score (I think) was a 78 a very long time ago. I don't necessarily count that as my best round however. I have shot many rounds since then with much higher scores, but ones that had a number of beautifully struck shots, long putts, chip ins, e.t.c.  Any round has the possibility of being counted as one of my "best". It just depends on what you are using as a measure of what "best" or "good" is.

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Palms Course at Disney. First hole an older gentleman asks my husband and I if he and his trophy wife can join us. First hole his wife hits her drive pretty good and he says to me, " I hope she doesn't intimidate you." I'm thinking what, is that a challenge? Long story short I shot my lowest score ever a 74. She shot an 87. 🏆
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Not my lowest score, but my best round in the last 3 years was a 68. What made it great was 12/14 fairways and 17/18 GIR. One of the missed fairways was on a par 4 that has water starting about 155 from the green, all carry after that. I hit my drive (3 iron) too far and it ended up in the water. I took a drop and hit an 8i to less than 2 feet for par. Coincidentally, that was also my only missed green.

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My other best round of golf was when I played one evening with my wife about 15 years ago.  Just the two of us, soon before our first child came along.  Beautiful, soft evening in late summer on our local course.  Hardly anyone else out.  I birdied the second hole par 3.  Not a great tee shot, then I pitched it and it rolled and rolled and rolled right in, probably from 50 yards out. 

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