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I am a 18 hc and was wondering if 07 x forged are to much

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Ok so I got a crazy deal on some x forged from 2007. I think I strike the ball well and have been gaming a Wilson staff fat shaft series 1. I shoot a 85 to 88 but I put like crap it's getting better though :) so I'm just wondering if I should game the forged sell them and make a buck.
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Play them.... Try to stay away from all that game improvement crap out there in my opinion.....Keep your other set incase you dont like them, but I am sure you will...


You will only get better....IMO

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That's what I was thinking but wanted to get more opinions on it. I hit the ball left so much with my Wilson's I try to lag more or leave it open then it all goes bad lol. Thanks for the input
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the wilsons probably have loads of offset... Your pulling them left right? Try the less offset x forged... Or try a larger grip... It will keep your hands from turning...


Just my opinion....

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you should defo try them out. Personally not a callaway fan.

But the feel off a forged is so much better. and it gives you a better feedback

on off centre shots 

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The Wilson do have a lot of offset. I'm stoked to try the forged club out I have heard nothing but good about forged clubs. All the feed back is nice please keep it coming.
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How would you compare the x18 pro series to these. And should i be worried about the x forged being way to advance for a 18 handicap. I hit the ball center most of the time but can spray the ball too
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Stay away from any callaway except the forged line... Just my opinion... Callaways have no feel and will not help your game IMO...Not a fan of any of the x series non forged

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My preference is with the forged.  Mine are old, but I will never go back to GI.  I am not that good, but I can definitely tell the difference. I do not know if Callaway put any of the Hogan technology into their irons since they took over or if the Diablo Edge has any "roots" in the Hogan Edge having never hit one.  The only other cast irons that I liked, were my Titleist DCI Blacks. They were cavity backs, but had the feel of forged blades.

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I have played the x16 and the x18 pros I hated the x16 due to no feel the 18s thigh were nice with a little feel but I played those at a time when I just started playing so never gave them a real chance. All my buddies said that they were to advanced its a year later of playing the Wilson's and playing good golf and tired of the pulls and lack of feel. Just hope I don't kill myself trying to play the x forged
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I played the X20 irons for two seasons, but switched to X20 Tour because they had more feel (and, I stumbled across a Tour set shafted in 5.0 R-flex).


The X Forged from 2007 and RazrX Forged from 2011 were both too much club for me. Lots of DG S300 and PX 6.0 shafts in those models. Even in a set shafted in 5.5, I had a lot of low shots that didn't even register on the launch monitor. I think I just didn't have the clubhead speed to make the ball jump.


The new 2013 X.Forged was a different story. I hit some 6i shots with the PXi 5.5 shaft, and got a nice high ball without too much effort.


As for 2007 model, Maltby gave it a fairly high rating for user-friendliness - you'll just have to try them out. Again, the shaft and you swing speed will be critical.

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Just went to dicks and hit the 3 forged models they had... calloway x , ping 56 and anser forged...  IOut of all I hit the callaway besy. Had the best soft feel IMO.. I hit it consistantly. Sweet spot on these clubs are more towards the heel from what I experienced..


This was my first time hitting forged... It took me 3 hits to find the sweet spot.. Once I found it it was great butter soft feel. You knew when it was right on... Dispersion was best also with the callaway... The visual was also better IMO then the other two...


After I hit some of the game improvment like the X hots... I could tell you I had a harder time finding the sweet spot...Its more middle and low and thats not how I swing..


I know it sound odd and I should hit GI's beeter but I dont...


Note: You need to know I have been playing 30 yrs and only had two sets of clubs... Walter hagen blade...1972 set and 1995 staff mid size wilsons.... I am looking to upgrade myself and after today with hitting the forged, this is what I am getting for christmas... Why go backwards.....???

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Thanks lawrosa I read your post about the Wilson's before I posted in hopes to answer my question lol. I have been playing about 5 years with a 5 year break but for the last year and a half been pretty die hard plaing all winter if it was nice enough and about 4 times. a month minimum. And thank you wutiger
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I was fitted for a x stiff shaft by a local shop but had to back out of the clubs due to a knee surgery:( but since the surgery I have got my driver speed back to a avg of 114mph don't know my 6 iron speed but I hit my 6 iron here in Washington 165 170 well I call Washington southern Yukon lol so air can get pretty heavy and cooler. All excuses I hear from playing partners. So hope the px 6.0 are gonna work
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