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Mizuno's new line JPX EZ

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What about these new line off clubs?

Mizuno JPX EZ Lineup
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Smart move by Mizuno, biggest complaint people had about the JPX-825 is they weren't forged.  Looks like the JPX EZ is going to fill the void when Mizuno killed the MX series, their forged GI iron line.   Hopefully there will be a left handed version since Mizuno only released a right hand version of the JPX-825 Pro. 


There's not many forged GI - SGI irons out there, Adams has the CB3 but I can't think of any other current models unless the Cobra AMP Forged, Titleist AP2 and Callaway X-Forged III are forgiving enough to qualify. 

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Even bigger news is that they FINALLY have an adjustable driver.

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here are the pictures. 

I really like the look off the irons and woods.

To bad i just switched to JPX 825 otherwise these 

would have gone in.

Curious about the irons. Bit afraid that this is to much a

game improvement club  for my likes.

But for sure they look great.

I like the way Mizuno pays more attention to looks and colors.

USA can try them out from 19 august. than available in the fitting bags 

at golfshops.

Don't know if they come in left handed.

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I believe they do come in lefty.  I actually really like them.  IMO, since the demise of the MX-200; Mizuno has really been missing a forgiving forged iron in their lineup.  I personally didnt find the JPX-800 Pros that I owned to be all that forgiving.

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Well the new MP 54 could be a good pick for you.

I don't think there is a brand that qualify's for a forgiving forged iron.

Still think Mizuno is the best at this. There is no brand with that many cavity back forged irons in program.

MP 64, MP 59, MP 54 MP 69 JPX 825 Pro MP H4

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From the photos posted above the new JPX-EZ irons look a little "PING-ish" to me. I am curious to see  the top line view of the irons and check the reviews when they are released.


Adjustable driver........too little to late?

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I think it's never to late for an adjustable driver!
Mizuno trying hard to get in the market with woods!
Well i play the 825 jpx woods and they are damn good
Not the longest but by far the straightest! Game is so much easier from the fairway!
And so what that i'm 10 yards shorter? Still have plenty off distance to get to all greens in 2!
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Who needs 'forgiveness'?  Just get better and then there will be nothing to 'forgive'. 

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Originally Posted by GaijinGolfer View Post

Even bigger news is that they FINALLY have an adjustable driver.

I'll be impressed with an "adjustable" driver when somebody figures out how to make it adjustable while still keeping the shaft spine in optimum alignment.


Mine is like wrestling with a snake with every setting but one...So that's where it stays.

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Have you checked out Miyazaki's JDL shafts?. Supposed to have solved spine alignment problem. Maybe just marketing hype but here's what they say:


"The primary technological innovation in the new JDL series is the second generation Quad Orthogonal Bias™ technology that was engineered to ensure that the JDL series shafts have superior multi-axis consistency in performance and feel. Inconsistencies or "spines" present in inferior graphite shafts can lead to axes of enhanced or reduced stiffness. When these inconsistent shafts are rotated in an adjustable driver, differences in feel and performance can negate or exaggerate the benefits of the precision adjustments. The improved Quad Orthogonal Bias™ technology available in the JDL series of shafts allows for precise, strategic orientation of the origination and termination axes for each layer of carbon fiber. By precisely controlling the carbon fiber orientation, the "spine" effect is essentially eliminated."

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I've just been fitted and purchased some of these this morning cant wait for them to come :D

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I’ve had the opportunity to hit the EZ Forged twice (inside) and Man O’ Man are these NICE! I’m in the market for new irons that bridge the gap between GI and Player’s Irons and these are nothing short of amazing. They are out of my league but had also hit the AP1 714’s, Hex Forged, MP 54’s, and MP 64’s. The JPX EZ Forged are going up against the Rocketbladez Tour which I absolutely like and will wait to see what TM may come out with as the replacement before finalizing my decision. I’m coming from the “regular” Rockebladez (w/ PX 95’s)which have been nothing short of an amazing set and combined with lots of coaching lessons they have done their done job very well. They one thing I do not like about the Rocketbladez are the weight and head size.  Back to the EZ Forged; the balance and feel are as incredible as they come for a set positioned in this range. Accuracy (6i) is right there or marginally better than with the Bladez and about the same as the Bladez Tour. Distance is where I would want and expect it as well but it’s the accuracy that counts most for me.  I liked the TT XP 105’s off the matt inside but will hit them outside with other shafts before deciding what shaft will go in them or any other set for that matter.  I would like to try them with the PX 95’ and C-Taper Lites as well but are not listed as options. Not a big fan of the regular PX shafts listed. I’m curious to hear of any feedback from those that have played the Bladez Tour and the EZ Forged.

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Im in the market for new irons myself and these are definitely on my list of possibilities. I love the looks of the woods also. My only gripe and it's a small one is the EZ in the name.
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Didn't like the name or the "Orange" color but after hitting them they could be fuchsia for all I care...okay maybe not. Definately try the Rocketbladez Tour (or replacement if one is coming soon?). They don't have the same feel/sound but on the course they perform fantatstic.

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I just demo'd an EZ 6i, I played yesterday and every time I had to hit my 6i I would drop another ball and hit the EZ. TBH I wasn't that impressed, I didn't hit it any further than my 6i, so I don't think it would be worth laying out the $800 +/- for the set. My irons were custom fit to me about three years ago.

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demoed them a few weeks ago when looking for new irons. honestly didn't care for them. To me it felt like you "felt" the ball when hitting. I felt lots of vibration up the shaft compared to the other 3 sets i hit. 

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