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Scotty Cameron Futura X

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Hi All


Does anyone have any experience of having tried the new Scotty Cameron Futura X that has just hit retail?  I can't find many place in my area that are stocking it to try but I really, really fancy one.


Just not sure whether it's soft feel, how big the head is etc.


I'd be grateful for any feedback from anyone who has tried it.



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Tried it the other day and it is awful ! Not soft at all a bit like the kombi in size but was hoping it as a soft face but felt awful
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that's disappointing.  I have an Odyssey metal x at the moment and that just feels a bit firm for me. 


I was hoping this would go back to the traditional Scotty soft feel but having the benefits of high MOI with a bit more technology than the usual blade Scotty's.

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I have changed my mind and re tried the putter and once used I as addicted ! And bought one ha
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As usual, when "Scotty" comes up with his own design it's unspeakably ugly. Personal opinion, of course.


Stick with the designs he copies and you'll be fine.

I think he prefers the term "inspired by" to "copy".


It would seem he also prefers it whe people say "Newport Style" rather than anser copy or "Napa style" to 8802 copy.

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Just tried the Futura X today at club I belong to. They let me take it out on a round for a trial. Was using Taylormade Corza Ghost mallet, and thought that was "the one" for me.  Well, the Futura X blew it away.  Needless to say, I own it now.  If you are a straight through putter, with no tilt or lift when you putt, the Futura X practically puts the ball in the hole.  It has a very solid contact when hit, and holds the line more true than any other putter I have used, by far.  Just have to get used to the weight, and how far the ball will roll when hit.  I am convinced this will lower my scores.  I have a club tourney coming up, so I am looking forward to seeing how this performs.  I realize changing something as important as a putter a week before a tourney could be suicide, but the way the ball comes off the face of this putter is unlike anything I have ever used.  By all means, try this putter.  I agree the head cover is like a serving platter in size, but as a plus, it holds on to the putter well, and doesn't fall off when I drive the cart like my other covers have.  That of course is just a small plus, but hey, good to know there is enough velcro to hold the cover on solidly.

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Here's a new one for ya )
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