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Jpx 825 pro

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I'm currently using Callaway x-24. I'm a 10-11 handicapper. Driving distance average is 260-265. 7 iron distance is 155 yards.

I'm deciding between which shaft to get. Nspro 950 regular or dg r300?

I want a mid to high trajectory.

Where I live we don't really have a choice to go and hit with both shafts. I have to order ar my local pro shop and they will get it delivered from America. So if someone can guide me it'd me much appreciated.
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I use Fujikura motore shaft 60 grams regular for my driver.
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The NSPro 950 should have a higher ball flight than the DG300.  There is also a big weight difference.  The DG300s are about 130g vs. the NSPro at 95g.


I think Callaway uses the NSPro as their standard steel shaft.

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My biggest concern is the weight. I think my current shaft weight is 110 grams or something. Need advice!!
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Are the current shafts you are using too heavy?  If so, have you considered graphite shafts?

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OP, with those distance numbers, why don't you hit a stiff shaft?
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Originally Posted by Mathwiz View Post

OP, with those distance numbers, why don't you hit a stiff shaft?
I think he wants mid to high trajectories. Its easier with a dgr300.

I have these shafts, and it is easier on the joints.
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I just switched from 115 gram to 95 gram shafts. Swing weight on scale dropped (I did not increase club length to compensate) but the feel does NOT feel too light for me. I really like the lighter shafts -- albeit it has only been a few rounds since switching.


If you are ordering new, they may be able to give you the swing weight you want with the lighter shafts.

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