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Driver HELP

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I need a new driver. My current driver is a Nike VR Pro with a project x 5.5 shaft. I typically hit the ball 215-230. My ball flight varies. I need a club that is more forgiving for my 13 handicap. I really like the look of the Nike Covert and am also looking at the Rocketballz stage 2. I like a round head shape and not the triangular shape. If you could give me advice about each driver. I live in a remote area and wont really be able to hit a covert but can get my hands on a RBZ Stage 2. SS is unknown

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Tough to say but also hit some cobra's and Adams drivers. They've always been very forgiving for me.
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I have been hitting the Cobra Amp Cell for the last few weeks. I'm sold on it !

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I have been hitting callaway for awhile and love the razer hawk but I'm really loving my new razer fit I'm a solid 18 handicap and seem to hit this club strainer then any other I have had. I did demo the new Adams speed line and liked it but seem to like the feel and ball flight from the cally
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I tried the razor fit as well but I get a little ocd about my equipment mostly matching so went with the new Speedline to match my A7 Idea hybrid/iron set. No complaints on it yet. It's been the longer driver I've hit so far.
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I really liked the feel of the speed line just the ball flight was a little higher then I wanted. I live up in Washington state and it can get blustery and I like to keep it a little lower.
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Can't go wrong with a Ping driver.  If you want to save a few bucks, look for a secondhand G10.

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