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What will updating my wedges do?

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I curently bag 3-4 wedges. A stock mp 30 PW, and up to three pinemeadow wedges 50, 56, 60. I was wondering if these wedges are a hinderence to my game. I am very inconsisant inside 100 yrds. I play 1-2 times per week and was thinking about getting new wedges to help. Not sure if the pinemeadow ones or the golfer are the problem. Has anybody bagged these clubs then upgraded and found results.
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It's the Indian, not the arrow.
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You might take a short game lesson, and see what the pro says. If the wedges have too much/too little bounce for your swing and your normal playing conditions, new wedges might help.


Otherwise, a short-game lesson could get you tuned up on set-up and swing motion for partial wedges.


If clubs or swing are your problem (or both), a pro could point this out to you.


After the lesson, you might want to chart a yardage table for your wedges: see how far each wedge carries on quarter, half, and 3/4 shots. Or, you could just stick to quarter and half shots. (If this sounds interesting, you might borrow a copy of Short Game Bible, by Dave Pelz.)

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It's the Indian, not the arrow.


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Youd probably be a little more consistent with quality wedges, as the materials that Pinemeadow uses are pretty cheap and the specs are probably not very consistent.

I used Pinemeadow clubs in my younger days when it was all that I could afford but compared to namebrand clubs theyre not in the same league.

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If it's wedges, it is NOT necessarily the Indian, it can be the arrow.


If the wedge is knifing into the ground and won't escape, or digs into the ground and won't escape, it could be the wedges. It could also be you -- too handsy, poor setup, etc.

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I manage the PGA trade in network and see many different wedges.  The board here has given you all the info you need... better quality wedges will improve your game, but you first want to know what type of shots you will be playing.  I.e. I see that you are playing in the mid-west which can have longer grass than other parts of the country which would mean that you want a bit higher bounce - this is a good blog for explaining bounce: http://bit.ly/1cO1buc


Best of luck finding the equipment that best fits your needs!

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Just saying here - don't get trapped into thinking you've got to replace all 3 wedges with 3 new ones.


Some people get good use out of a 60* lob wedge. Others are maybe just trying to get a hard covered distance ball to stop anywhere on the green. Personally, I've got 3 lob wedges that sit in the house rather than the bag these days...


Likewise, I played today with someone with 4 wedges in his bag and he said he'd never chip with anything other than a wedge. I'm not saying he's wrong, but there are other choices too for chips and run-ups.


MP30 Pitching wedge is 47*. 53* and 58* would give decent gaps and cover most situations. If money was tight, I'd only get a 56* and have your current PW and 9 iron bent a little weak.

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I really need to get paid by them, but like I do so often, check out globalgolf.com. They sell used clubs in really good shape, they won't be new but they will be better then the Pinesmeadows you're currently playing.

As others have said though, I would suggest studynig up on different short game shots and how to properly execute them. The clubs may not be the issue, but the could be...you never know!
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