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What's going on!!!

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Been playing golf for bout 2months now and I have been making steady progress (got my handicap last week 25) been hitting the range and started on the course now. I was doing ok I guess hitting 101's 102's...
But now I'm playing really really bad. Hitting 115/120 but I feel am hitting the ball better!! How is this??? Also the more I think about my play ie what club to pick, am I going to slice the shot etc.. The worse I play.
Anyone explain this? Or had the same experiences
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Yup. Welcome to golf.

Ok seriously - 2 months? It could be everything. Do yourself a huge favor: sign up for a lesson or 20 and ask a pro. Considering that anything from your posture to God's Wrath can be the cause, asking people here to diagnose it based on your written description is an exercise in hilarity. (Maybe you could post a vid?)

FWIW, we all go through slumps. If that's all you think you're in, don't get discouraged. Over-thinking and tensing up as a result is going to be a fairly constant companion of yours for a while til you really start grooving a swing. Which will happen faster if you get lessons.

Good luck...and have fun a3_biggrin.gif
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Sherpat's advise is excellent. 


Overthinking and negative thoughts are killers in the game of golf.  The mind can really screw with you.

The which club to pick thing you mention.  You should develop over time, if you have not already, an idea of how far you hit all your clubs.  Be realistic to your self.  Just because you may have hit a 190 yard 8 iron one time does not mean that is your yardage for an 8 iron.  Some people develop charts for each club's distance, others (like me) just know them from playing for so many years. 

If the wind is in your face, go up a club.  If wind is behind you, maybe take off 1 club if it is really strong.

If the shot is uphill, you might want to add a club.  Wind in your face and uphill, add 2. 

Don't over think it.  Just pull the club and hit the best shot you can.  If you hit a really good shot but it came up short...you have an idea of the situation that caused that...learn from it. 


Get some lessons.  Get someone to film your swing, facing you and from behind.  Hard to see in the video where the ball went so make some gestures so you will know which swing produced what sort of ball flight (good or bad, right or left, etc).


Welcome to golf.  Enjoy the game. 

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Golf, that's what is going on.  Get used to wild swings on your scores. 


(  Even if you can play the same every round, there are so many other factors that will impact your score.  )

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Cheers for the reply. I had a lesson in my 2nd week with the club pro, he was impressed with my swing ( I only picked a club up a week b4) I was just standing to close to the ball that's why I sliced a couple.
The problem I seem to have or that always seem to pop up is the mental side. 1 bad hole and that's me for 3/4 hole keep beating myself up. Example to day on 2nd hole par 4 on green for par put bout 5feet missed it and ended taking a 7. ( not good) and it killed me for 4 holes but then I was on the 14th I new I was having a bad day so wasn't going to win and I played well hitting the ball good and 2 putting at most.
I take it I will have to learn this part of the game aswell it's not all bout stance and hitting the ball it's mind to.
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It took me a year of hard work undoing the hacking I was doing for 3 years.

If you learn the swing the right way from the start, then it will save you considerable effort.

One issue is knowing which type of swing you are capable.

This takes a decent coach who is willing to try different things with you.

As others have said, "Welcome to golf..."
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My guess is your short game is costing you strokes. I have been where you are. I was fortunate that I struck the ball very well almost from the start.

Shot regularly in the low 100's for several years. I would regularly cover 400 yards in 2 shots then take another 4 with the last 20-30. Three putts, pitches that were too long or short, flubbed chips.

I quit for two years because I wasn't enjoying it and couldn't put the time in on the course. Then came back already had a golf book for my swing model but really didn't have definite short game method until very recently. Went down the route of adopting Phil Mickelson's methods, not saying you should do the same.

Learn to love the short game unlike I did. Also think about an instructor or make sure you learn a swing method and stick to it.
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