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I also have a pair of the FJ Sports. They are okay, I really like the Nike TW13's
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I really don't understand the point of spikeless shoes. Especially now that the trend is toward athletic style shoes, which are basically just running shoes with soft spikes. Take away the spikes, and guess what they are? RUNNING SHOES

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Ah, Lukin. We call those things 'toes'. Fingers only on the hands. 

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OkSo I went this morning and bought a pair of spikeless shoes, the Adidas Crossflex. I went to the range to try them out and also my new grips. I gotta say WOW! I was extremely happy with them. They bit perfectly and didn't spin on me like I was worried about. They are comfortable and easy to walk in and both shoes are lighter lighter than one of my old Adidas Powerbands. I can't wait to walk a round in them to see how I feel after.


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About a year ago I saw a golf shoe advert. stating that this or that shoe model provided the greatest traction in the world. I personally feel that  80lbs. lead diving boots would provide the greatest traction and indeed anything can constitute a 'golf shoe.'  The reader will hopefully grasp my point that ultimate traction may not be ideal, even in leightweight shoes. Why not?


Ease of movement, particularly of the leading foot as it instantly turns through approaching 90 degrees on the follow through. Spike that leading foot too much into the ground and arguably the chance of a leading knee injury is promoted.


For that reason, even when competing in longdrive comps., I never use spiked golf shoes. My other reasons being that I consider plastic 'spikes' to be ugly and unnecessary. And difficult to clean.    


My current shoes used for golf are spikeless Puma idCELL. Absolutely great, but like all things great in golf -- almost certainly now discontinued.


So what makes a great golf shoe? That's a matter of opinion and choice. My criteria is light, waterproof, firm well supportive sole, and a rippled or lightly studded sole. Price is obviously important but I tend to buy shoes immediately that model is replaced at  sale price. 'Latest model'  rarely means better in golf, as indeed with most other consumer goods.

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I wear them,



For me there the only golf shoe to really fit my foot right. There a tad wider than standard width, which is great for my feet. I can't go wide because its to wide, and if i go standard, its to tight. My history of shoes has always been 1/2 a size up, so it just gives me extra room. Problem is, i would have to tie my shoes tight, to keep my foot from moving forward and backwards.


As for performance, they feel great, awesome to walk in. I use to get foot pain, i am flat footed a bit, so these work great. They grip well, even in wet conditions. I like there closer to the ground, so i feel more grounded. They last forever, i find that spikeless shoes souls last longer because there built in. I had a pair of nikes, i wore for a year, the tred on them didn't drop a bit. I've worn these almost a full golf season, the bottoms look like the day i bought them.


For me i just like i can feel the ground better, and they are better to talk in for me. They do sacrifice a bit on really wet conditions, but i've had normal spikes slip out from me before, so i don't discount it that much.


I really enjoy these shoes as well.  I have the same color pictured and found them to be really nice...until this morning.


I went to the range to get some practice in before the weekend and after I pulled them off to throw them in my trunk, I noticed the white spiked area on the outside of my left foot (im right handed btw) had collected some grass.  Upon further inspection, I saw it was doing so because the white spiked area was coming off the bottom of the shoe and the grass was getting between that piece and the actual shoe.  I looked at the other shoe and there was no such detachment.  I believe it was from all the weight forward and extra strain it was seeing in comparison to the other shoe, but I have only played 6 or 7 rounds along with about 10 medium sized buckets worth on the range.  I am very disappointed and will probably take them back up to Golf Galaxy to see if they will do anything without the original receipt.


I do not wish to bash the shoe as I have loved it so far, but I was more wondering if anyone else with these puma's has had that problem.  I have been wearing puma shoes for many years now and was super excited that my favorite shoe brand (and t-shirt for that matter) had bought out my favorite golf club maker so it was a natural fit, I even knew the size I would need.

Now I am thinking I may give the True shoes a try as there is a local Golfsmith that is supposed to have them available and I always like to try on shoes before I buy them because of how my feet are shaped.  Finding the right size is always tricky

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