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Whats your Shot from 60-90 Yards?

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I played in a outing on saturday and our group kept having this distance into par 4 greens. Well needless to say after the 4th one I hit like shit I realized that I don't have that shot in my arsenal. I was talking to one of my buddies after the outing and we both said when were playing our own ball we never seem to get that yardage. He reminded me that we had a similar problem in an outing we played in last year.  So any help would be great.

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From that distance, its usually TWO 30 - 45 yard sloppy wedge shots! LOL


Seriously, that distance even pro's have trouble. Not all amateur can hit the lob so its just practice. A lot!


I find making sure I "turn through" the shot helps a little with a solid contact. I use the wedge myself.

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Lob or sand wedge, full/partial and square/open depending on pin location.


Controlling the face position and length of swing, can only be developed by lots of practice under a broad array of course conditions.


Probably why it's called "feel". b4_blushing.gif

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90ish im hitting a soft pw with 3/4th back swing.


80 yards in, i generally use my sw. i just focus on my weight depending on the shot,the club face position and how much acceleration im putting through the ball - while only doing a half back swing. i turn it up to 3/4 swing for 80ish yards and as low as 1/3rd for 20-30 yards .


im basically using Mickelson's hitch and hold principle on these types of swings. if i could only hit 100+ with the accuracy i hit 80 yards in. 30-50 yards im pretty deadly with decent to moderate rough lies; considering i suck at every other kind of shot out there, it's the only time i feel pretty confident i know where its going.


im pretty sure that mickelsons video is on youtube. im bias being a fan of lefty, but its a good watch imho.

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50 degree wedge for me probably.

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depends on situation. Room to work with or not. bunkers or water in front. and so on.

My normal shot would be a pitch with my PW not to high in the air.

and let it release to the hole. However if you have to get over a bunker or so i would use my 58 and get the ball high up in the air

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It is generally a choked down sand wedge or gap wedge and the swing length varies based on the distance. 

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I have little problem dialing my 60 in from 65-90 yards. It gets a little dicier with any wedge in the 40-65 range, then inside of 40 I can go with a variety of choices. The problem with scrambles is that people leave themselves in positions where they need to hit half wedges into the green. This is one of the hardest shots to get right because most people don't practice them and the trajectory and spin is not optimized for the average golfer. The better play is to have a 3/4 to full wedge in. Even the pros will either lay up to near full wedge or get it closer to pitching distance.

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If i was you I would take all the wedges you have in your bag and find out how far you hit them making half and three quarter swings.  Then write these yardages down so you have an arsenal of options depending on if you have a lot or green to work with or hardly any green to work with.

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I am with STB, I love those shots.  Nice 1/2 a wedge is deadly accurate.

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60 degree wedge PROBABLY

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80-90 yards - probably gap wedge

70-80 yards - probably sand wedge

60-70 yards - choke down on a sand wedge

<60 yards - probably a lob wedge but it really depends on the type of shot.  A bump and run might use any number of clubs.

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I hit my Calloway 56 wedge from that distance.  Starting to get better at it.

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60 yds. = Half PW

70 yds. = 3/4 SW

82 yds. = 3/4 GW

90 yds. = 3/4 PW


The three-quarter wedges are the touchiest. If I'm excited, I can airmail one over the green.

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I think I'm going to work on the 3/4 shots. I try to get everything out of my 54 or 58 and I'm very inconsistent with distance control.
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I tried lots methods and the simplest for me is choke up A normal LW goes 90 yards and I choke up about an inch for every 10 yards less and just make a normal swing and I think me swing radius is less This has shave many many strokes off my handicap as I'm just learning
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Pulling most likely a 56* assuming it's just a straight shot between me and the pin, variables can include lie, green speeds for the day and generally how well I'm playing and even whether or not I've used that club yet. Any closer it's probably a 60* flop and any further it's probably a controlled 50* but the lie etc. all plays a factor, those are the shots that can make or break your round.

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From 80 yards, it's a firm 60*, or a soft 56*, depending on what shot is required.


Inside about 70 yards, it all depends on how much green I have to work with. If I have enough green to work with, I like to drive a low 60* in and play a hop and stop kind of shot. Not much green, I'll open the face on the 60* and play one high.

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