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Driver for beginners?

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hey everyone, im relatively new to golf, bought a friends set of old clubs which have been fine, but it doesn't have a driver, just a 3 and a 5 wood. Im definitely improving with my irons and wedges, and im getting much better at the shorter shots around the green. But I'm still struggling a lot off the tee with my woods to get any kind of consistency. I know ill eventually have to buy a driver, but is it a good idea to master my woods before doing so? Or is it easier to hit a forgiving driver for beginners then a 3 wood? Also, any good tips for a driver for beginners? Any advice would be amazing, cheers 

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what are the current woods?

Personally in my first 5 years playing i never used a wood.

because off that i have a pretty good iron game now. and

you drop handicap faster with irons. ( i was a 14 hdc with irons )

I think it's best to go like i did and stay with irons for now,

You should have some consistency anyway to benefit from a forgiving wood.

because if you have a big slice on your woods a forgiving wood would not cure that.

First your basics should be good. 

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My personal recommendation based on my own experience,


Start by mastering your irons!!!  Use a 5 iron off the tee. When you get good at it, then a 4 iron. And when you get good at it, start using fairway woods. And then the driver. In that order.


Learn to fly a small plane before you try to fly a 747!

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^ these guys are probably right!
But at some point your gonna cave in, go out, and buy some 460cc driver, and when you do get a geek golf FS3, get the the right shaft for your swing speed, get it measured no more than 44.5" & you'll never look back!
It's a solid head, very forgiving, looks good, great sound and a long knocker!
I've had other drivers since, but nothing gives the confidence that this beast does, and driving is all about confidence!
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A great very forgiving driver is Ping G20. I should have said it before.

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I have a Callaway Diablo Edge driver and I think it's awesome.  Very forgiving and long.  You can probably pick one up for less than 50 bucks online these days.

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