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New grips not " curing " Golf Pride's

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Ok, so sunday I had my home course put some new grips on my irons after i was done with my golf lesson, and when i went to get them and hit a few buckets i noticed all but 1 or 2 of them didnt cure, and i could twist the grips..  


I got the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G's on my irons...    


the guy who redid them tonight said it was sometimes is the epoxy doesnt take to the tape they put on the shafts...    


So after hitting a few buckets, i went to the gym to workout and when i got home i checked all the irons and still most of them have not cured, and its mainly at the butt end of the shaft...  


anyone else had this issue???  


I figure at worse i'll get a different type of grip tomorrow if they havent cured.. 

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I hope he's not using epoxy to install grips. If you're not satisfied, have him re-do. There should be no epoxy used. Just 2 sided tape and solvent. I use lighter fluid because it dries quicker than mineral spirits and other solvents.
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I hope you let them set for 24 hours before you use them or test them.

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Originally Posted by inthecup View Post

I hope you let them set for 24 hours before you use them or test them.

I cringed to.... it sounds like you hit them the same day you had the new grips put on.....

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Also make sure he's getting the grip fully on the club. If he's not then there can be some wiggle room because the full length of the grip isn't in contact with the tape.


No epoxy should be used. Just grip tape and solvent. I regrip my own clubs and never had a problem. Really they set pretty fast, in a few hours i can hit them.

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Originally Posted by inthecup View Post

I hope you let them set for 24 hours before you use them or test them.

Yeah. I always like to wait a few days after getting regripped to play.

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I hope you misinterpreted what he said when you reference "epoxy."  No epoxy should be used for re-gripping.


I remember reading a post where someone had a problem with one of the "green" solvents that claims low odors or low solvent content or something like that.   The solvent remained soft and allowed the grip to move.


Grips should be tight and dry after sitting overnight when installed with regular grip solvent or mineral spirits.

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well, i dropped my clubs off this morning on my way to work and well...... got off of work @ 7pm and went to pick them up and low n behold.... nobody had even touched them ...


So I'll be back tomorrow to pick them up...


Well, idk what they are using, the guy sunday i think said epoxy.. not sure if he ment it or not lol...


After looking at some video's on youtube about redoing grips, i am sure i could probably have done this my self if i had the tape and solvents...  


Now that i think about it the guy tonight said something about them using a rubber cement type of glue, cuz i explained to him how the grips didnt cure and you could twist the grips..  


But i know they told me it takes about 30mins for the solvent to dry up and set, and about 12 - 24 hours to fully cure..  

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OK... I need to ask and not being a smartass here..... but why take the clubs back to the same place? You should have asked them to verify the method they use and if double sided tape and solvent wasn't part of the answer.... see ya! I would have asked for all or most of my money back but then taken them elsewhere.....

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I've regripped clubs using the old  tape and played with them  in a couple hours or so, something is very wrong there

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Some shaft brands have smaller diameters than others. Grip bore dimensions differ as well. I've had grips that were almost impossible to push onto certain shafts. One other time I've had grips that slipped on so easily, they never were tight, even after the solvent dried. These would rotate out of position after a few swings. Perhaps this is your problem. The answer would be to install grips with a smaller bore diameter.

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As far as epoxy goes i have only seen that used on like the super stroke non tapered putter grips. as far as the irons tape only i use thin double sided tape for like laminate repair or something like that i get it at the hardware store the whole roll is like 10 bucks and i have done like 4 sets and still have most of the roll. i may be using the wrong stuff but it works great. have had no problems with loose grips or regripping them after wards. very easy to do if you have a vice or a compressor and some times you can get a friend to help. i would take them some were else if they are using epoxy 

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Ok guys lol..... so tonight when i got out of work i head off to the golf course to get my clubs, and the guy working the counter is like check this out... and hands me one of the clubs and i grab the grip and no slipping...  Inside i am like "SWEET"  and the guy says " yea Ian ( the PGA Pro ) put these on correctly this time lol "  and then says You'd think a PGM'er would know what tape to use to redo grips with .....  of course i had to ask what kind of tape the kid used and i guess he used masking tape or something instead of the double-sided tape that you are suppose to use... 


then i'm like so i need to get a couple buckets to hit some... and the guy, is like oh man, i am sorry we close the range at 6pm on weds..... WTF!!!!  


so now i have to wait till tomorrow to try out the new grips

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Have you learned your lesson about using this place for club maintenance?

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lol, yea to make sure I'm not letting anyone touch my clubs except for the PGA Pro.... 

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