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Once I had a dead battery in my rangefinder, but only found out on the range 5 minutes before my tee time. As such I never took it off my bag, and it ended up falling out at one point in the round (it occasionally does that since the magnet in the case isn't strong but I usually find out when I next use it). Luckily the person who found it saw my name and phone number that was written on the bottom and called me to have me pick it up when my round was finished. I was amazed that he would return it immediately, especially since he could have easily taken a wet towel and wiped the sharpie right off to call it his own.

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Haha, great story, what's a cleet?

Just the spiked golf shoes (shortest to type each time!) :) but i need a mulligan on spelling i didnt check it, of course i meant cleat!
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My last round I found a Vokey SW and a GPS unit, I found the wedge owner and left the GPS in the pro shop.  Good karma

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In March of 2012, I played a local municipal course and due to the soggy conditions, holes on the back 9 were flooded.  We had to play the front 9 twice to get our 18 in.  I had a problem with plugging all day and coming to the ninth hole, I had lost three balls as a result.  We weren't putting out because the cups were filled with water.


To make a long story short, I couldn't find my ball after teeing off on the Par-3 9th, uphill green from the tee-box, and figured I plugged it into the side of the embankment.  I took the drop and finished the hole.  The second time through the course, when playing this same hole, my partner found my original ball in the cup after making a long putt.  Only one other group was on the course at the same time as we were...so either they played a cruel joke on me and placed my ball in the cup, or I had a hole-in-one the first time through and was too stupid to check the cup when I thought my ball plugged.

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Because I use my rangefinder almost every shot, I used to lose that a bunch on the course when I used a cart, I'd accidentally put it on the seat, and when I'd drive away, it would fall off. But I don't do that anymore(:
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I played a round in the fall at my local muni track. I had a golden-lab headcover for my 3 wood. On the 7th tee, a coyote started approaching me. I grabbed the first club in my bag, the 3 wood, dropped the head cover and held it over my head to whack him if he tried any funny business. 


We circled each other for a minute or two, at about 15' away. My heart was thumping. Then, he grabbed my golden lab head cover, and ran off! He was wrestiling with it on the ground, flipping it over his head, and having a ball. I tried to come back and get it later, but then there were 2 of them playing with it! I figured, let em have it. 


So, my wife got me Yoda for my 3 wood for Christmas 


Now the 4s is with me. :-)



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Played golf with my brother one weekday, I had the day off and he sneaked out of work early. Now this is not all that unusual other than the fact that my brother's wife is one of those miserable people who has to track her husband's every movement, money spent, etc..  My brother has resigned himself to the fact that it's easier to sneak around and avoid conflict than to tell his wife he's taking half a day off to play some golf. This is important because if she found out that he had the audacity to take some time off and have fun without her there would be hell to pay.


We play our round and I drop my brother and his stuff at his car, put my clubs away, and return the cart. As I'm walking back to the parking lot I see my brother start taking everything out of his golf bag. Turns out he's lost his wallet. After a few minutes of casual searching, he starts to freak out. Literally rips everything out of the bag and empties every pocket onto the ground. Hmm.. maybe it fell out of bag when putting the clubs into the trunk? Everything comes out of the trunk. Go back, check in the cart we returned. Check in clubhouse. Check everywhere inside the car. My bro is sweating bullets and is really starting to freak out as it dawns on him that the wallet is gone and he's going to have to explain to his wife how he lost his wallet at a golf course when he's supposed to be working! The search continues for another 20 minutes but still no wallet. It's weird because "I just had it here a minute ago".


I get him calmed down and help him pack up his stuff. He's resigned to his fate and the wrath he will face. He's getting ready to leave, I glance over, and there, sitting on the dashboard of his car, is the wallet! The idiot started his car to run the AC, took his wallet out of his pocket and put it on the dash!

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