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Can't stop leaving the face wide open

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Shot 81, 82, 82 the last three rounds I have played and it's that high for one reason.. The driver. I used to shoot mid 70's regularly, and I have really only been back playing for a month and a half and haven't been able to cross that threshold thanks to the big stick.


Sunday I was +2 on the 14 holes I didn't lose a tee shot on, and I was +7 on the 4 holes I did. Really hard to score hitting a provisional from the box.


I make par on 90%+ of par 3s. I can hit any iron in my bag. I even feel pretty confident pulling the 3 iron. On the par 4s/5s where I put my tee shot in the fairway or even in the rough I hit alot of GIR's.


I may 3 putt once a round. I get up and down and a decent rate. Very confident from the bunker, 50-75 yard pitch shots, the whole lot.


But the damn driver. One of 2 things happen.


1. I get the face closed at impact and it goes long and straight with maybe a baby draw action.

2. I leave the face wide open at impact and hit it 290 yards into the right woods.


I have tried a stronger grip, tried steepening the swing plane some to maybe not get stuck, tried swinging harder/easier, tried really focusing on releasing the club head, tried closing the face (which is great because when I do I release the club head and hit a draw into the left rough.)


I need help. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have a recent video of my swing I can upload later tonight if that would help.

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I am a rank beginner but I was having the same problem, either hitting it straight or way more often hitting it long to the right. I went to the range with a friend who has been playing golf all his life and he said I had a hitch in my swing right when I hit the ball. I concentrated on follow through and my drive has improved significantly.


There are a lot more people who know way more about golf than I do, but that was my experience with a similar problem, anyway.

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I do feel like its a hips issue during impact and the follow through. Thanks for the feedback man I appreciate it

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I don't really know but I think it may possibly be related to my right heel being up at impact, and I just noticed how tucked in to my body my right elbow is. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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Yeah it's more of getting the weight forward properly to improve the path rather than a case of just leaving the face open.  Having the face a little right at impact is good if you're hitting draws.  I'd check out this thread



and drills for Key #2 in this thread



Compare this pic, the flex of the left knee and where the right foot is, to your pic.  Your hips have "spun" open without going forward enough.  I'd feel like the left knee stays flexed longer and the right heel stays on the ground longer.  Lots of slow practice swings doing this.

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Thank you very, very much Mike. I was always taught that sliding forward was bad and that they should turn growing up which is obviously not true. Probably what lead to such a big flaw.


I will check out the thread and the video and hopefully I can get some good results. Got a tournament in September I am trying to get ready for.


I really appreciate it.

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you need to get the angle of the club head in a parallel symmetry with your swing path. By re-inverting your path around the axis of your hips, you will conform with 1927 ball flight laws and will develop a shank draw

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Lol you may as well have said that in Japanese. Hopefully i won't develop a shank lol. I am a pretty good ball striker even with my messed up hips. Hoping my athletic ability will continue to cover up my flaws.
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