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Originally Posted by barbm12thtee View Post

Oh my point: people know when they're bad and I think most would welcome help or advise to take it to the next step.


This depends upon the personality of the individual involved. Personally, I welcome any real help.


On the course, I used to get good advice from low handicappers, who just did not like to see the way I swing. It was totally wrong to them, and they wanted to fix my problem. This type of help is always welcome.


On a sour note, I went to a store, and mentioned casually that I hit so and so distance (which is verified on the course). The salesman, who was probably insecure, decided to put me on the "launch monitor". The first thing I notice is that he setup the equipment really far up (I did not say anything at the time, but later confirmed that the G2[optical based] monitor was setup 1.5 feet forward of where it should be placed). I hit my normal drives, and got 70 yards less than my normal drive (with a 20 degree push). I wondered what was happening? He then proceeds to ask if I was taking lessons, and I answered yes. He then makes a comment like "You're wasting your money...", and proceeds to tell me how to swing. He tells me to aim (closed by 10 degrees), and stated that this is straight (I thought, huh?). He muttered "you better buy something from me for all the help I'm giving you". Next, he goes on break and tells me to practice until he gets back. After hitting a few more balls, I decide to go to the driving range. At the driving range, I hit 70 yards further (and straighter) than the monitor stated. Next, I asked the course if I could hit a few onto the first hole with my Callaway Hex Control balls as the course was not busy. Sure enough, 70 yards more than the monitor stated (verified by my phone GPS). I went home and looked up the monitor they used at the store, and watched the videos and setup instructions and realized that the monitor was setup 1.5 feet too far forward.


I concluded three things, there are actually salesmen that actually put personal ego in front of their sale. I would have bought the driver, if I had gotten proper readings from the monitor. Second, don't believe anything from a anyone from a big box store, unless they prove themselves competent. Thirdly, always trust your coach who has been playing and teaching golf for 60 plus years.


So, for some ego has a big part in some peoples "help".


In some it's personal confirmation type of help (but well meaning).


Then there's genuine help from people who can't stand things being wrong or out of place so to speak.


I like the third kind of help the most, because it shows a genuine interest in making golf better in general.

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Originally Posted by LuciusWooding View Post


Or they could be completely patronizing and just say something encouraging even though I know I'm struggling. 


I don't consider that patronizing at all.  It's just being a good playing partner and supportive. 


Your mileage may vary.

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Originally Posted by UTDoc View Post

I was at my local range today and was working diligently on a new swing.  About half way through my 100 ball bucket, I overheard two guys talking rather loudly as they approached an open spot behind me.  As I transitioned from my 7 iron (hitting the ball rather cleanly and consistently with this iron) to my 3 iron (my former go to club off the tee, but now struggling since changing my swing) I overheard what seemed to be the instructor telling the pupil he was crushing the ball out to 250 yards!


I am 5'10, 230 pounds and athletically built in my early 30's, and not even I can hit the ball 250!  This other guy, was probably mid-40's, very overweight, and not athletic in build by any means.  


As I cleaned my clubs, they continued their banter as the pupil struggled with even striking the ball, while the "instructor" was essentially lying to the guy.


I am familiar with golf course etiquette, but what is the proper thing to do in this situation?  I feel bad for the guy, because I imagine he is paying for the time and instruction from the instructor.  However, walking up to him in the middle of a lesson would certainly make the instructor mad.  If I see the guy again, what should I do?  Should I encourage him to look for another instructor?  I am new to the area so I don't even know of a good instructor.  


(By the way, I am changing my swing off of some solid advice from a guy at a different range that is bordering on trying to enter the professional golf arena.  I didn't pay anyone for the tips on changing my swing, so I don't have a way of helping the guy out at present.)


None of your business.

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Was he using a driver? If so it's not hard to get it 250.

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