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What is the weakest part of your game?

Poll Results: What is the weakest part of your game

  • 43% (14)
  • 25% (8)
    Ball Striking
  • 18% (6)
  • 12% (4)
32 Total Votes  
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Have been evaluating my own weaknesses lately and was curious what out of the 4 core categories you guys struggle the most with. Did not see where this had been made before although I am sure it has

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I'd say my weakness is ball-striking, specifically when I address/line-up with the ball. I don't always think I'm aligned properly and take a very long time to adjust myself, especially when I'm hitting a shot that's not parallel to the tee box or fairway.

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Definitely driving, and the long game in general. I'm hitting my irons reasonably well. I can usually get on the green when chipping/pitching, and my putting is improving. But getting a consistent drive strike and long club strike from the deck is now where I am struggling the most.

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at the minute I would have say my putting, is normally my long irons but they have picked up and putting has let me down a little as of late.

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Like Rosanna DanaDana* once said, "It's always something!"


Last season my driver was solid, but FWs and hybrids were killing me. So this spring, I did some testing and got new 4W, 7W and 4H that work great. But, guess what? Now, my driver won't cooperate any more.


*Note: RDD is a Gilda Radner persona from early Saturday Night Live.

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Well, I could have said ball striking, but that manifests itself in driving more than anything else, so driving it is.  

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Driver is consistent.  Chipping is good.  Putted out of this world last time I played.  However long irons are the most inconsistent part of my game now.  Hybrids great, but irons 5,6,7 have been giving me trouble.  Sure it's just a ball alignment set up issue.  Need to find some time to work it out.

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Ball striking, no doubt. I'd argue that the same could/should be said for the VAST majority of golfers at my handicap or higher.

Tour players are said to hit over 80% of greens from 150 yds and over 40% from 225 yds...


....I'll bet the average 10-12 hcp is doing well if he hits one green in 4 from 150.

Even if it is just a PW for him. a2_wink.gif
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Suprised at how many people are saying driving, thought that would be the least selected.


Ball-striking is something everyone can always work on.


For me I have got to get my up and down percentage up. Too many chip 2 putts

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My putting easily is the weakest part of my game. Lag putting and speed of greens to be more specific. Im smoke off the tee and my iron play is phenominal.

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Originally Posted by Micah View Post

Im smoke off the tee and my iron play is phenominal.


Is "phenominal" a new word meaning "very average"?

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I am picking driving because of consistency.  If I get it in the fairway, I have a very good chance of a GIR.  But I am only hitting 30 - 40% of fairways.  When I think of the term "ball striking", I think of consistent distance control and accuracy with irons and wedges with full shots.  I am better with this than the driver.

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I selected driving due to my inconsistency with it.  One thing I would add to the list is "Mental Game".  In a lot of the situations above it is not the technical aspect that causes the problem but the mental focus that creates issues.

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i cant drive straight to save my life

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Putting for sure. I have so many birdie opportunities from 7-20 feet and make absolutely none of them. Chipping isn't great either, especially green side bunkers.
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I'm sorry to get all holistic but I don't believe that any of us has weaknesses. It just that your strengths make it appear you have weak part to your game.

If you believe that your putting or chipping is bad how will you perform when faced with a crucial chip or putt. You've already told yourself enough times that your a bad chipper, so you blow the ball 8 ft past.

Wouldn't it be better to think that you are a great chipper and that you could unlock your hidden potential even more.

I know it sounds simplistic but I have always been fantastic with a hybrid. Relative to the rest of my game putting would be at the bottom. Does that mean that putting is a weakness.

Someone on the outside might even say your putting isn't as good as your ballstriking and now all of sudden I'm a bad putter.

Why buy into that idea Im not a bad putter. It isn't at the level of my hybrid play but its relative. I think I will hole putts everytime at certain distances but my mental problem is long ones. I have the ability to be a great putter and know I can hole out from longer distances but if I start to think its a weakness I will forever be stuck in a perpetual myth that I somehow have an inherent weakness for long putting.

Weakness I don't have any and neither do you here in this thread its just that you do other things very well relative to your skill level.
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Id say ball striking.  The biggest things holding my game back are that my 2nd shot isnt always the best and that I dont hit as many greens as I need to.  My short game is pretty good and my putting is great but those things dont matter if you cant get close to the green in a reasonable number of strokes.

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For me it's definitely iron play.  I can drive the ball in the fairway most of the time and hit my 3 wood and hybrids well (and all of these clubs on the sweet spot), but I just can't stop hitting my irons on the toe.  I've tried a lot of things to fix my iron swing and occasionally I'll have a good round or range session with them but the next time out I'm back to my old tricks. 

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